Trending Now: One Piece Swimsuits For Your Beach Vacation

A one piece swimsuit was women’s first step towards more comfortable and free beachwear. The modern version of this piece made its appearance in the beginning of 1900s, and while it was a bit outshined by its less modest cousin, the bikini, decades later, one piece never quite left our beaches. Now, it is going through quite a renaissance, whether because it covers the belly sins of the seasons past or because of the incredible elegance and subtle sex appeal it carries. So, let us see why the “monokini” is an essential part of every woman’s beachwear and how to wear it for your next beach vacation!

The Evergreen of Beachwear

A one-piece traveled a long journey to get where it is now, and some of the first models were much more covering than the one we see now, as they covered the legs, arms and neck. The public truly accepted this beachwear, in its torso-covering figure-embracing form, after an Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman, was arrested for indecent exposure because she wore a swimsuit that showed “too much” skin. Since then, it has been worn by many famous ladies through history, from Betty Grable to Audrey Hepburn.

Loved by the Celebrities

Not only did the classic Hollywood ladies love the one piece swimsuit, it is very adored by the modern day A-listers, too. The stars have been instagraming their beach photos for this entire summer, and most of them have been rockin’ the one piece. Selena Gomez stunned in her plain black form-fitting one piece; Alessandra Ambrosio shined in a modern patterned monokini with cutouts; Taylor Swift brought on some retro vibe in a polka dot model, etc.

Trending Now: One Piece Swimsuits For Your Beach Vacation

Embracing the Figure

A one piece is famous for embracing the figure while hiding the flaws, especially if you choose the right model for your body type. All figure flattering one piece bathers are designed to conceal small flaws, such as belly fat and stretch marks, while still being glamorous and sexy. With today’s wide array of styles (retro, cutouts, athletic), colors and prints, it has never been easier to find a bathing suit for you. There are even models with special stitches and layers that can hide those late snacks you had last night.

The Art of Versatility

Monokinis can be worn with many different accessories and thus fit into many different styles. There are also different styles of monokinis, which can be chosen according to the occasion, location and your preferences:

  • Retro style is characterized by retro chic colors and patterns (polka dots, stripes). These bathing suits are usually strapless or halter neck and have incorporated bras.
  • Sporty, really, it’s enough to say Baywatch.
  • Glamorous style is the swimsuit that you would wear to a posh pool party. It is usually black, white, or some other solid color and very sexy. Expect to see cutouts, crossed straps and other interesting styles.
  • Effortlessly chic is a style located somewhere between glamorous and sporty. It is both sexy and sophisticated, but it takes more risks, such as animal patterns, rivets, exposed zippers, etc.

Trending Now: One Piece Swimsuits For Your Beach Vacation

Designers’ Fav of the Season

If all of the mentioned wasn’t sufficient to make you ditch your bikini and get one of these good old classic pieces, here’s another hint – designers love the one piece. Some of the world’s most prominent fashion designers incorporated this type of beachwear into their latest collections, and we could see models from Alexander Wang, Kenzo, Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler proudly sporting their monokinis at runways all over the world.

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Trending Now: One Piece Swimsuits For Your Beach Vacation


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