10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats

If you crave a change of pace, a different living environment, and learning about new cultures, the world is your oyster! Whether your nomadic job allows you to travel and work on the go, or you’re planning to retire in a different country, among so many on the map, a few stand out as the most alluring spots for anyone eager to scratch that travel itch. Let’s take a look at ten of the most desirable places our humble planet hides where you can spend your time working, lounging, or simply immersing yourself into the fibre of different cultures!

1) Switzerland

This proud little country stretching across some of the most stunning natural landscape known to mankind is ideal for those nature lovers among you. The Alps are far from Switzerland’s only allure, however, as the country boasts a tightknit community, excellent schools for kids of all ages, and plenty of job opportunities for those who speak German or French.

2) New Zealand

10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats

While Australia is still high on the list of the most livable countries in the world, its neighbor New Zealand has gained significantly more traction over the years. Also brimming with natural wonders, New Zealand offers a slower pace of life with the same cultural input you’d expect from such an open, hospitable community.

3) Hong Kong

This eclectic blend of modernization and timeless Eastern traditions is indeed a unique setting, and particularly colorful and vivid for families with kids. You can now find a reputable education centre in Hong Kong to make your kids’ transition even easier, with immersive learning environments perfect for your youngsters to learn more about the new culture.

4) Canada

10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats

This northern gem is known for being filled with exceptionally polite folk, and they have turned this corner of the globe into quite a slice of paradise. Not only do they take excellent care of their natural treasures of which there are many, but you can also take your pick among numerous metropolises brimming with multiculturalism. Canada’s healthcare system and education are also the finest of what the entire world has to offer, and considering their welcoming atmosphere, you’ll quickly feel like a member of the community.

5) Spain

Stunning coastal towns, unique cultural and historic legacy, and some of the most delicious food you could possibly imagine make Spain one of the most enchanting possibilities on the list. Yes, their economy might not boast the same bloom of Canada or Switzerland, but with a bit of patience, you’ll quickly grasp the essential beauty of living in this warm country. Plus, if you come with engineering skills, you’ll be all set as far as your job search goes.

6) Qatar

10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats

Among so many exotic and thriving countries of the East, Qatar is by far the most desirable location for expats of various skillsets, from English teachers, to architects and fitness instructors. Their ever-growing economy is truly flourishing, and more people are flocking to their capital city every week. When you’re looking into work options, try to land on something that includes accommodation as well, to increase your ability to save up.

7) Netherlands

The land of the cyclists and tulips is indeed a great pick for expats. Very low crime rates, friendly people, and a very laid-back culture make it wonderful for people of all ages and lifestyles. However, if you’re not coming from the EU and you wish to work locally, then you might encounter some hassle, as your employer first needs to prove you’re the only one skilled enough for that particular position.

8) Sweden

10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats

It might be one of the pricier countries in Europe, but it’s still more than affordable for those crossing the ocean, as Sweden delivers on all the promises when it comes to the standard of living and general quality of life. It does get chilly during the colder months of the year, but they are still one of the happiest people on the planet, and their minimalist way of life may just be the key ingredient.

9) Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, has gained more popularity than ever before and with more digital nomads from all over the globe rushing to experience its wondrous beauty, it’s no wonder more people are looking into ways to move there permanently. It’s a vibrant city and a fast-developing one at that, so make sure to look into your options quickly if you’re considering this warm country of fado and wine.

10) Singapore

10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats

It might be last on the list, but it’s first by all other accounts as the finest expat-friendly country today, and in fact, several years in a row. Much like in Hong Kong, you can expect that the majority of local Singaporeans speak fluent English, plenty of international schooling programs available for your little ones, as well as well-paid jobs for the parents.

Considering the very wide array of choices you have before you, make sure to do extensive research before you land on your perfect choice. After all, you’ll hopefully spend years of your life assimilating to this new environment, so it pays to know which atmosphere will suit your family best!

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10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Expats


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