Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

The Wynwood Walls — One of the coolest spots in Miami where the display of street art is at its best! From its outdoor museum showcasing the work of some renowned street artists from the different parts of the world to its amazing craft breweries, boutique shops, art galleries and pubs, this neighborhood has its own urban charm. 

I visited Wynwood Walls on my last trip to Palm Beach during Memorial Day weekend. The Wynwood District is around 70 miles from Palm Beach and it took us an hour drive. 

Based on my visit, here are 6 reasons why Wynwood Walls should be on your wishlist if you’re heading to Miami or in South Florida soon!

1) If You’re a street art lover

The Wynwood Art District is a paradise for any art lover because it is one of the largest outdoor street art installations in the world. It is not only the home to the Wynwood Walls but also, over 70 galleries, 12 art studios, 7 art complexes and 5 art-fairs and museums. You’ll be amazed to see the work of more than 50 street artists who have covered over 80,000 square feet of walls and transformed the boring warehouse neighborhood into something extremely splendid!

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

2) If you want to take a break from the beaches

Miami is known as a paradise for sun-seekers and beach lovers. But Wynwood Walls can be your perfect excuse to take a break from the beaches and explore a different and vibrant side of Miami. The best part is there’s no entrance fee for this excursion. Therefore, all you need is your time and energy to admire all the street art.

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

3 If you want to soak some hippie vibes

The Wynwood Art District is a perfect place to soak some hippie vibes. With vibrant and colorful murals and graffiti, the place has such a positive aura buzzing with high energy. If you love surrounded by plenty of colors and good vibes, you’re absolutely going to love it! 

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

4) If you want to do a photoshoot with stunning backdrops

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?The Wynwood Walls or I’d say the entire art district has a number of cool spots to take some splendid shots. I was only there for four hours and I wish I had more time to capture some breathtaking art. Every art is unique and full of life. During my visit, I saw two wedding photoshoots and plenty of Instagrammers, Influencers and bloggers photoshoots. No wonder, you’ll find 9 out of 10 people with DSLR. Avoid going at the peak hours if you want to beat the Miami’s heat and the crowd. The early morning or late evening is always a good choice.

5) If you want to enjoy some amazing food

Just stroll around the neighborhood and you’ll not only find some surreal pieces of street art but also some wonderful dining options. I went to Wynwood Kitchen & Bar and absolutely loved their food. I didn’t take pictures of my food and drink as I was starving and gulped everything as soon as it was served!

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

While strolling around the neighborhood, I was absolutely amazed by this beautiful piece of work!

6) If you have nothing to do

I believe that I’d have convinced you by now to visit this stunning urban art district. But, even if you’re still not convinced, you should definitely consider this on your Miami wishlist and I bet you won’t be disappointed!

Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?

Tips to enjoy Wynwood Walls fullest

  • Download Pay by Phone app before visiting there so that you can take full advantage of street parking. The best part is you don’t have to run back to the meter from several streets away in case you need more time. You can add more time at the ease of your fingertip by using this app.
  • There’re few parking garages also available in the vicinity.
  • For your self-guided tour, you can download Wynwood Tour Guide App. You can also grab a map from Wynwood Business Improvement District office (310 NW 26th St. Miami, FL 33127).
  • The total time it takes to explore all the art is depending on how much you want to explore and take pictures. If you just want to take a glimpse of Wynwood Walls, 1-hour is sufficient but if you want to admire all the art around the neighborhood, it takes around 3-4 hours. For me, as a sucker for street art, I felt that even  4 hours wasn’t sufficient for me.
  • Also, I won’t recommend exploring the neighborhood alone in the late evenings for your own safety.
  • If you’re thinking about what to wear, then wear plain bright colors. Say no to patterns and prints otherwise you’ll blend in front of the art. Do stand few feet away from the murals for perfect focus.
  • If you have to use restrooms, there’re few cafes and dining options available in the vicinity but you need to buy some stuff from them.
Have you been to the Wynwood Walls, Miami? If yes, please do share about your experiences in the comments below? If not, would you like to visit there?

Till then, Happy Wandering!

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Wynwood Walls, Miami | 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit?


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    1. That sounds a pretty fun, Miami is such a cool Place. . I hope i would travel this place once a day and turn my visuals into reality.

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