Festive Drinks From Around The World

What is the first drink that pops into your mind when you think about celebrating a success or a special occasion? Of course, champagne. But this bubbly beverage invented by a Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon is not the only the only drink you can use to make a festive toast. People in different parts of the world were very creative when coming up with amazing, delicious and sometimes unordinary celebratory drinks.

Here are seven amazing festive drinks from around the world that you need to check out. Who knows, maybe you’ll make them your new tradition?

1) Sorrel punch, Jamaica

Festive Drinks from Around the World

Sorrel punch is a traditional Christmas beverage in Jamaica. It is made of dried hibiscus leaves and often includes a few drops of rum too. Its taste is tangy and tart, and its deep magenta color makes it an ideal holiday drink. It can also be spiked with scrapes of nutmeg and all spices to neutralize the otherwise sour flavor with some warmth and softness. Sorrel punch is often served with a Jamaican rum cake (fruit cake soaked in Jamaican rum).

2) Bombardino, Italy

Festive Drinks from Around the World

If you thought eggnog is the perfect holiday drink, you might think otherwise once you get a taste of this enchanting Italian drink that does resemble eggnog, but with a twist. Namely, bombardino is made of egg liquor, brandy, cinnamon and whipped cream. It is made by warming up the egg liquor in a pan, pouring the brandy into a glass, and then adding the liquor. Finish up with the cream and cinnamon. No wonder this is one of the most beloved drinks in the local ski resorts.

3) Feuerzangenbowle, Germany

Festive Drinks from Around the World

This traditional German alcoholic drink is not for the fainthearted. It involves soaking a sugarloaf in rum, setting it on fire and dripping it into mulled wine. If the name sounds weird to you in German, you won’t be surprised to know that it isn’t any less weird when translated into English either – fire-tongs punch. For Germans, the tradition of its preparation is sometimes even more important than enjoying the very drink.

4) Mulled wine, Australia

Festive Drinks from Around the World

Sure, mulled wine is made all around the world, and in different regions, people give their own twist to this traditional drink, but Australians particularly excel at this one. This is not only because of the preparation method but also because of the wide choice of wines that can be found in every bottle shop from Haymarket to Bondi Junction in Sydney. Australian wines come from a warm climate, and they’re often rich with fruity aromas perfect for mulled wine. Other ingredients that make Australians experts in mulled wine are nutmeg, honey, fresh ginger, orange juice, fresh lemon, fresh orange and liquor to taste.

5) Cola de Mono, Chile

Festive Drinks from Around the World

Translated as “Monkey’s tale”, this Chilean drink will make you dizzy, not only because of the alcohol but also because of the incredibly cool taste which is definitely not like you would imagine based on the ingredients. Cola de mono is made of coffee, milk, sugar (dissolved in hot milk) and whatever (yeah, you’ve read it well) alcohol is at hand.

6) Coquito, Puerto Rico

Festive Drinks from Around the World

Another drink similar to eggnog, Coquito from Peru is much richer than egg liquor. It consists of coconut milk, rum, condensed milk, eggs and spices (e.g. vanilla), and it is usually sprinkled with cinnamon or grated nutmeg, resulting in a rich and smooth texture. You should drink it cool or at a room temperature.

7) Irish coffee, Ireland

Festive Drinks from Around the World

Who doesn’t love a nice cup of good old Irish coffee, whether in the festive season or on a regular day? The traditional Irish coffee is made with nothing but freshly brewed hot coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and heavy cream. However, there are many more festive variations that include adding Kahlua Coffee Cream or Baileys.

Whether you are looking for a new interesting drink to spice up your Christmas menu, or you are just up for a fresh way to celebrate a special occasion, these seven drinks from around the globe will surely spark your imagination. Don’t hesitate to try them all out!

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Festive Drinks from Around the World


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