Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

Savannah  — the oldest city in Georgia and second most popular and most visited city after Atlanta, known for its splendid architectures and ironworks, majestic garden squares, beautiful fountains, colorful streets with Live Oak trees and Spanish Moss dripping from the drooping branches as well as the Southern charm and hospitality. It is one of the most romantic US cities with the history stretching back to 1733 and has many stories related to the Revolutionary War, slavery and even haunted places. Goodluck to you if you get acquaintance with ghosts. Not only this, you can drink alcohol on the streets unlike other cities in the United States.

Spending 48 hours in Savannah is like an overwhelming experience in itself and it is one of the best cities to explore for a weekend getaway. 

I went to Savannah during the mid-July this year for a quick weekend escape and had an amazing time out there.

Based on my trip, here is the list of some amazing things to do in 48 hours that will make your entire experience memorable!

 Day 1

Hop aboard one of the trolley tours & take a glimpse of all the attractions

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 HoursThe trolley tour is the best way to explore Savannah if you have limited time. Therefore, hop on to any trolley tour and viola, you’ll get a glimpse of all the attractions that this charming city has to offer! 

Explore Savannah’s Historic Squares

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 HoursSavannah is a small city laid out on a grid system. Therefore, you can explore most of the amazing places on foot. You can witness its history in its 24 squares covered with alluring live Oaks. Every square is named after significant person or event in history. Johnson Square is the largest square named after Robert Johnson who was colonial governor of South Carolina. All the squares are great spots to get some relief from the scorching heat of Savannah and just soak the view around. The squares are also the perfect place to spend lazy afternoons!

Take a picture at Chippewa Square

If you've seen Forrest Gump, Chippewa Square is that place where Forrest Gump's famous bus bench scenes were shot! This iconic square is in the Historic District of Savannah and it is named after the Battle of Chippewa. . Tom Hanks, who played the role of Forrest, sat on the bench of this park for about 80% of the film telling his life story! Now the bench is placed in Savannah History Museum. . . Have you seen Forrest Gump? . . . . . #chippewasquare #savannah #visitsavannah #visitgeorgia #forrestgump #forrestpark #sheisnotlost #instaparks #femaletravelbloggers #jetsettingchicks #ladiesgoneglobal #instasquare #travelingourplanet #ourplanetdaily #traveldeeper #travelogue #travelgram #radgirlslife #passionpassport #borntotravel #globelletravels #livewithoutlimits #savannah_feature #savannahga #savannahgeorgia

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The iconic Chippewa Square is one of my favorite squares in Savannah where the bench scene of the Forrest Gump movie was shot. This is the place where Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump sat on a bench telling his life story while waiting for bus. The bench from the movie has been moved to Savannah History Museum but Chippewa Square is still a popular spot to capture some amazing pictures. No trip to Savannah would be complete if you don’t take pictures here!

Stroll around the Savannah’s Historic District & admire architecture

If you love architecture and history, Savannah's Victorian District will be a real treat to your eyes! It is mostly resedential and features Late Victorian, Queen Anne, and other architectural styles. Every building has its own unique character and holds great history! . . Which is your favorite architectural style? . . . . . . #victorianstyle #savannah #visitsavannah #visitgeorgia #georgia #dametraveler #femaletravelbloggers #sheisnotlost #instastreets #jetsettingchicks #traveldeeper #architecture #ladiesgoneglobal #historic #landmarks #sidewalkdaily #igworldclub #thetravelwomen #worldnomads #globeletravels #femmetravel #explorerbabes #girlsjustwannatravel #passionpassport #streetphotography #radgirlslife #borntotravel #savannah_feature #savannahga #savannahgeorgia

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Savannah Historic District is a National Historic Landmark famous for its idiosyncratic 18th and 19th-century architecture. If you’re an architecture lover, strolling around Savannah Historic District would be an ultimate treat to eyes. You’ll witness Georgian, Gothic and Greek Revival styles of buildings. Some famous buildings include Owens-Thomas House built in 1818, the Spencer Woodbridge House built in 1795, the Beaux-Arts style Edmund Molyneux Mansion circa 1917 and the 1853 Gothic Revival Greene House. 

Visit Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

The Cathedral of St. John is an iconic symbol of Savannah with its French Gothic style architecture. It is a Roman Catholic cathedral. The church is open for self-guided tours. It is one of the most popular sites among the tourists visiting Savannah for the first time.

Take a walk through Forsyth Park & admire its fountain

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 HoursForsyth Park is in the heart of Savannah Historic District. It is surrounded by lush greenery, majestic Oak trees and a great space to spend some quality time in the lap of the mother nature. There is a beautiful fountain which is one of the most photographed spots in Savannah. It is a great place to beat Savannah’s heat and relax! Forsyth Park also has few local cafes in its vicinity.

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

Party at River Street Savannah

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 HoursThe River Street Savannah is the most happening place in the city where you can eat, drink, shop or just linger and have good times. Watching the sunset or walking along the Savannah River and soaking the view would be an overwhelming experience. You’ll walk on the cobblestone streets and get a feel of old world vibes!

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 HoursYou’ll also get a glimpse of horse-drawn carriage rides as well as witness street performers and live entertainments. This part of the city is always buzzing with high energy.

Go for Savannah riverboat cruises

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 HoursEnd your long day while cruising at Savannah River and enjoying dinner in the magical moonlight with live entertainment and having a splendid view of the historic waterfront, you couldn’t ask for anything more!

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

Day 2

Shop on Broughton Street

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

If you’re fond of contemporary art galleries, antique shops, boutiques and vintage clothing stores, you’re going to love Broughton Street. From city’s best restaurants to unique gourmet shops to popular chain stores and galleries, Broughton Street has all the charm to entice any of its visitors. Some of the famous shops that you shouldn’t miss are Gutstein Gallery which been home to exhibitions of artists like Yoko Ono and Chuck Close, Paris Market where you can find some latest treasures and décor from around the world and Civvies where you’ll find some statement pieces to update your wardrobe with some funky recycled clothing from all eras.

Don’t forget to visit Leopold’s Ice Cream — one of the most famous ice cream spots in Savannah.  It was founded in 1919 and no trip to Savannah would be complete without stopping at Leopold’s Ice Cream and delighting your taste buds!

Also, do stop at The Lucas Theatre and admire its architecture which is a blend of Greek revival, Adams-inspired, Art Deco, and Neoclassical periods. It is a great spot used for screening films, operas, plays, concerts or art exhibits.

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

Take a quick escape to Tybee Island

If you want to hit a road, visit Tybee Island, a 20-minutes drive from Downtown Savannah. You can relax on its 5-mile beach and explore its surrounding town that has laid-back vibes and full of buzzing energy. There are some great bars, eateries, shops and hotels to have a great ‘Tybee Time’, what locals call in your flip-flops! 

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

Last but not the least, do visit Georgia’s oldest and iconic lighthouse at the Tybee Island Light Station. You can even climb the lighthouse’s 178 steps, check out the impressive nine-foot-tall First Order Fresnel lens, and enjoy splendid views of the island and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Where to eat?

Savannah is famous for its delicious Southern dishes and hearty soul food to die for! I visited Joe’s Homemade Cafe where I had the best sandwich ever. Apologies for not taking the pictures of my food as I was very hungry and couldn’t resist myself! I also went to The Olde Pink House, one of Savannah’s most popular restaurants. There also I forgot to click pictures as I was too busy gulping my food.

You can also check some other amazing place for food and drinks in Savannah here.

Where to stay?

I stayed at San’s Boutique Hotel and Suites close to I-95 and it was a 20 minutes drive from the downtown Savannah. The room was spacious with all the modern amenities and European decor with Southern hospitality. The best part was its location in vicinity to the airport as well as various food chains.

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours

Tips for visiting

  • Nearest Airport: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
  • Best season to visit: March to July
  •  January and February are the months when you can see the drop in hotel rates due to drop in temperature.
  • Summers in Savannah is pretty hot and humid. The average highs are around 90°F and average lows around 70°F.
  • The UV index is very high in Savannah throughout the Summer and therefore high-factor sunscreen is a must for all complexions.
  • Also, carry an extra pair of clothes per day as sweating is too much during Summers.
  • Savannah’s Winters are short. From December through February average in the low 60s, with overnight lows averaging around 40.
  • Spring is a nice time to visit Savannah if you want to see blooms. The weather is warm and sunny and ultimate time to visit.
  • Autumn is also one of the busiest times of the year in Downtown Savannah with so many exciting festivals and events to enjoy the Fall.
  • I didn’t go for ghosts tour as I’m a chicken but if you’re fond of some thrill, you must go for Ghosts night tour.

The Verdict

I absolutely enjoyed my 2 days in Savannah and have to admit that even 2 days are not enough to experience the Southern charm that this beautiful city has to offer! Before leaving Savannah, I promised myself to return soon and enjoy this enchanting city with rustic charm and Southern hospitality again.

Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours


Have you been to Savannah, Georgia? Do share your experiences in the comments below?

Till then, Happy Wandering!

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Savannah, GA | Best Things To Do In 48 Hours


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