15 Common Trаvеl Рrоblеmѕ and Hоw Tо Deal Wіth Thеm?

Have you chosen to spend this year’s Christmas holidays outside your home? Perhaps you have chosen a ski trip to go with your Christmas spirit or even a sunny beach to spend your Christmas drinking cocktails and getting tanned? Well, then you are at the right place! We decided to dedicate a whole article on the 15 of the most common travel problems that you can expect and not only that – we will share the most efficient ways to solve these problems as well! So not only will you be expecting to experience let’s say problems with your oily skin or travel documents, but you will also be able to deal with these problems as well in the most efficient way possible!

Here аrе the 15 most common travel problems and how to deal with them!

1) Missed flight

Did you experience traffic problems or perhaps overslept? Has this led to you missing your flight? Not to worry, this does not happen only to you. And there is a way to solve this problem. As soon as you figure it out that you will not be able to catch your flight, calm yourself down. Take a deep breath and call the flight company. Explain your problem to the flight attendant and work together towards a solution. But remember – you will need to be open to later flights and even a rebooking fee.

2) Delayed or canceled flight 

Perhaps it will be technical problems or weather problems that will stand in the way of your flight. In this case, make sure that you contact your airline company and try to work out another way to get to your destination. Most flight companies give a certain refund in the form of hotel booking or food compensation while you wait for another flight to be found.

3) Lost luggage

To prevent losing your luggage, make sure that you place a piece of paper on your luggage that has your name, phone number and the city and address where you will be staying for your trip on a visible place. And if it does happen for your luggage to get lost, then you should contact your flight company right away and explain the problem. If you do have your contact information placed on your luggage, chances are that you will get your luggage at the place where you will be staying in a few hours or days.

4) Car rental problems

If your flight gets canceled then you should remember to call the can rental company and inform them that you are no longer in the need of a rental car. But if your flight gets delayed, you risk having the car rental company assuming that you are not in the need of a car and giving that car to another person. So, if your flight gets delayed, call the car rental company and explain the situation to them. That way, you will make sure that there is a car waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

5) Knee problems

If you are experiencing any knee problems or a body pain, you would not like to decrease the effect that your knee pain treatments have done so far, would you? Instead of sitting down all through the flight, make sure that you stand up and do a little walking inside the plane once the flight attendant informs you that it is safe to leave your place. Visit the bathroom and do some stretching exercises as well.

6) Jet Lag

Jet lag is a real thing that happens to a lot of people. Do not risk experiencing depression, loss of appetite, anxiety, lethargy, and headaches by adjusting your sleep schedule a few day before your trip according to the time zone at your trip destination. Drinking a lot of water and spending more time exercising before your flight can also help!

7) Stolen Wallet

If you notice that your wallet is stolen, make sure to call the police and your bank to inform them. Cancel your cards and call somebody at home to make sure that you establish an online money transfer to get the money that you need for your trip. And next time, keep your money and cards at different places. Also, leave any extra documents that you might keep in your wallet at all times at home before your trip.

8) Lost Passport

If it happens to lose your passport, make sure that you alert the police, your travel agency and your country’s embassy in the country that you are visiting. You will have to fill out a form for your lost passport and get informed how to continue your trip without it. What it will help is to keep a copy or two of your passport at all times during your trip.

9) Forgotten toiletries

Have you forgotten your toothbrush or toothpaste? Not to worry, just ask at your hotel’s front desk to get a free one without even having to visit the local store and spend any money! Soap, shampoo and shower gel are also available at most hotels!

10) Bad accommodation 

Act smart when you choose a hotel. Visit their website and find out everything that you can about the hotel. And if it is not what you have expected when you arrive, then do not be scared to complain! Complain at the front desk, complain at their online website, ask for your money back. And next time, look online to find a cheap yet a good hotel according to your likings.

11) Getting sick

With the new climate and the hours spent traveling, it is no surprise that you might get sick. The key is to dress appropriately for the new climate and pack some basic medicine with you such as painkillers, vitamins and stomach pain relief pills.

12) Spending way too much 

Do not risk spending way too much money than you have originally planned in the first place by setting a travel budget that you can relay on before your trip even takes place!

13) Too heavy luggage on the way back 

Instead of having to pay way too much due to your heavy luggage on the way back, make sure that you take as little as possible in the first place if you do plan a shopping spree. And if you feel as your luggage is too heavy, try dressing up in the clothing that takes most of the place for your flight.

14) Food poisoning 

If you happen to get food poisoning, make sure to contact the nearest hospital. Or the least that you can do is avoid any spicy food, stay hydrated and take any anti-diarrhea medicine to help you with your stomach problems.

15) Sunburn

Fight that sunburn by using a cold compress on your skin and drinking lots of water to rehydrate. Aloe vera will surely help as well. And next time, try wearing proper gear like a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen before you enter the sun!

Make sure that you have a great trip by avoiding and managing properly any of the most common travel problems such as signs of depression, lost luggage or documents, bad hotel etc. As you can see, a good planning, proper joint supplements such as Osteo-Bi-Flex is, and a lot of free spirits is what will make sure that you have a great holiday! Sure there are a lot of problems that you can face during the trip, but after you have read our article, now you know how to fight them exactly! Now all that is left is you, having a great Christmas holiday!

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    1. This is a very helpful post! I am usually very careful about booking the hotels and rarely had bad experience. However, my major concern is the flight, I hate it when it gets delayed!

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    1. I have encountered quite a few of these problems and they can be so annoying but it’s important to know how to deal with them.

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    1. I was laughing at myself the entire time I was reading your post! We always end up with heavy lugagge on our way back! We spend way too much on things that we dont actually need!

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