How To Style The Clothes You Already Have

When the seasons change, it’s tempting to go out and spend an afternoon shopping for a totally new wardrobe. You either want to feel that happiness that comes from snuggling up in a new sweater, or strutting around town in brand new shorts that make your confidence burst. Plus, retailers advertise seasonal sales, and you may feel like you shouldn’t miss out on any deals. We’ve all been there, but when that shopping need hits, your busy life might prevent you from hitting the mall.

You don’t need to worry about spending your time on clothes that’ll only be worn for the next few months. If your life requires you to travel frequently or you’re just always on the go, you can still have the wardrobe of your dreams no matter what time of year it is. There are easy ways to style the clothes that you already have if you take a step back and look at your personal sense of style from a new perspective. You’ll be out the door and looking cuter than ever in no time.

Throw On A Scarf

The scarf is a classic fashion piece worn by women all over the world. Chances are, you probably have at least one hanging up somewhere in your closet or balled up in a drawer. The next time you’re heading out on a trip, throw the scarf in your suitcase with your other clothes to play up any casual outfit with a cute flare. And because there are so many ways to tie a scarf, you can create endless outfits without compromising room in your luggage.

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Cuff Those Jeans

It’s what you do to those jeans that have been with you since the dawn of time but may not fit as well anymore. Roll up the edges around your ankles by just an inch or two and you’ll add a bit of sass to your outfit. Jean cuffs look great at any length, so you can do this with bottoms no matter what climate you’re dressing for. Roll up those pants and shorts! Anyone can rock this simple and easy look.

How To Style The Clothes You Already Have

Drape Your Coat

You’ve probably seen women in the fashion world do this lately but never thought to do it yourself. Draping your coat—or jacket slinging—is an easy way to carry a coat around with you when it’s chilly outside but you don’t want your jacket to take away from the look of your outfit. You can easily drape your jacket over almost any outfit, so it’s a foolproof way to know you’ll look cute when you’re in a rush to put your outfit for the day together.

How To Style The Clothes You Already Have

Use A Statement Piece

Statement pieces are just super flexible additions to your outfit. They can make a shirt go from professional to fun, or a skirt from casual to dressy. Packing things like necklaces and belts will save you when you find that what you’re wearing just doesn’t look right, but shoes can also be statement pieces too. And if you think your shoes are too plain, there are plenty of ways to customize them! Almost anything can be used as a statement piece, if it makes your outfit pop.

How To Style The Clothes You Already HaveReusing the same clothes day in and day out can get old fast. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford their own personal designer, and if you have the kind of lifestyle where you’re always on the move, you won’t have the time to get new clothes either. It can make you feel like you’re out of options, and that’s when you should have hope in the fact that you can learn how to style the clothes you already have.

You don’t have to have experience with fashion to know how to style your clothes, and you don’t need to consult anyone ahead of time to see if an outfit looks good. Try implementing a few quick tricks like wearing a scarf in a new style or using a statement piece to turn your outfit around. By packing the same clothes or picking your usual outfit and adding just a little something new, you can feel like a whole new person without wasting any time or money.

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How To Style The Clothes You Already Have


    1. These are good tips! I totally forgot about the scarf as Singapore’s really humid and hot most of the time. But nearing the end of the year, scarves would work as it’s getting really wet and cold!

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    1. Great tips, that’s true Reusing the same clothes day in and day out can get old fast. We wear different clothes each day or other day.

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    1. Thanks for the very important reminder that I really don’t need to spend more on clothes, especially now with the holidays approaching. SO TRUE. Accessorizing or changing the way you style your wardrobe can be enough to change things up. Love your statement piece ideas too!

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