Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles

When you live in sunny Florida, mostly you need a summer wardrobe throughout the year. But if you’re obsessed with celebrating all the four seasons like me, a seasonal change in your wardrobe is always a good idea! As a style traveler, I’m always looking for those idiosyncratic pieces that are effortless to dress up, timeless and create a signature street style on my trips. 

If you’re regular to my blog, you know how much I love online shopping and exploring new brands. It not only saves time but everything is just at the ease of my fingertips. While stumbling online a few days ago, I came across Riva Fashion — a Kuwait based globally recognized fashion chain that carries renowned luxury as well as fast fashion clothing. The Riva collection not only targets Middle Eastern women but everyone who loves to experiment with your style. Its 2017 Fall collection has a universal elegance with vivid colors & beautiful feminine silhouettes. 

My favorite street styles from Riva Fall collections 2017 for my Floridian weather are as follows:

1) Checkered Dress

There’s nothing like a quintessential plaid dress that is versatile to wear in any season. This A-line shirt plaid checkered dress is an absolute beauty. If you want to wear this dress in Fall or Winter, just layer up and throw some cozy and warm jacket, match it with your perfect pairs of long boots and you’re all set to go! In Summer, just fold the sleeves of this dress and pair it up with your favorite sandals. In Spring, just add a denim jacket over this dress and you’re good to go.

However, I live in Florida where you see most of the people wearing flip-flops or sneakers and goes almost everywhere. Therefore I created a sassy street style look pairing this dress with sneakers. It was not only comfortable to wear but effortless to carry. To create a signature style, I added the belt.

Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles

Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles

You can even wear this dress at work by pairing it with heels or it can be your go-to dress for any casual occasion. This dress would also look adorable during Christmas parties or events. All you need to do is just pairing it up with the right accessories and you’ll be flaunting the holiday spirit in the air!

 2) Studded Denim Shirt Dress

I’ve to admit that I’ve got a thing for denim. From denim jeans to denim sundresses to denim skirts, you can see the denim love in my wardrobe. Therefore, when I saw this Studded Denim Shirt Dress with pockets, it was difficult to resist! You can wear this dress for a casual day out or if you’re looking for a trendy or a sporty look.

Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles

This denim dress will look absolutely amazing in Fall or Winter. Just add a plaid shirt under this dress to layer up and wear your favorite long boots. This dress would be an ultimate choice where work is involved as carrying scratchy Christmas tree or shopping for Thanksgiving when you’ve to carry so much stuff. The denim fabric will not only give you flexibility but also, it is comfortable to wear. The dazzling studs make this dress perfect for your girlfriend’s day out or brunch.

Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles

I won’t recommend this shirt dress for Summers if you’ve temperature in 90’s with scorching heat but anything less than 75’s, this denim fabric is breathable and has a blend of cotton, so won’t have any problem.

 The verdict

I absolutely loved both of my dresses and would recommend Riva Fashion to anyone who is looking for elegant and sophisticated pieces. If you’re looking for everyday street style fashion, you can find some inspiration in an eclectic Riva Fashion’s collection. You can also use my discount code to get 20% off as well as free shipping!

Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles

Do share your experiences if you’ve tried any Riva Fashion dresses in the comments below? If not, which of the dress you liked the most?

Till then, embrace your unique style!


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Riva Fashion Fall 2017 Lookbook| My Favorite Street Styles


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