Palm Springs, California| Why Its Top On My West Coast Bucket List?

After exploring so many amazing cities on the East Coast of the United States, I’ve started dreaming about the West Coast’s popular destinations. Majority of the travelers dream about visiting the ‘City of Angels’ or the ‘Golden Gate City’ when it comes to their west coast adventure. Call me insane, but Palm Springs in California is on the top of my bucket list of exploring cities on the West Coast before visiting Los Angles and San Francisco. This hipster desert town with old-Hollywood glamour and laid-back vibes has stolen my heart with its own charm unlike the other big cities on the West Coast.

Therefore, here are my nine reasons why I want to visit Palm Springs in California soon:

1) For a relaxing desert oasis getaway

Unlike the other big cities on the West Coast, Palm Springs is less crowded as it is a small town with laid-back vibes. It is a perfect destination for those who love sun-drenched oasis getaway. Not only this, Palm Spring is a home of some amazing luxury retreats, villas and rental homes for the perfect desert getaway!  Many sun-seekers look for houses for rent in Palm Springs and spend long vacations in this beautiful town.

Palm Springs, California| Why Its Top On My West Coast Bucket List?
The Mesa Ridge, Palm Springs, California

2) To experience the desert heat

Staying in Florida for years makes you little bored with the blue and green landscape with swaying Palm trees around throughout the year. Therefore who doesn’t love to take a little break and enjoy brown desert landscape on a sunny day with some Palm trees in the background!

3) To watch surreal desert sunset

I’m fond of watching sunsets and I’ve to admit that nothing can beat the splendid Floridian sunsets when the sun goes down the panoramic horizon of the turquoise Gulf water. But I’ve to experience the surreal desert sunset of Palm Springs too. I just want to bask the blissful tranquility of the desert sunset!

Palm Springs, California| Why Its Top On My West Coast Bucket List?

4) To explore the vibrant colors

I’ve to admit that I’ve got a thing for colors and the vibrant colors can instantly perk up my mood and transfer me to my happy world. From quirky street arts to gaga for graffiti to colorful architecture and interiors, I just couldn’t resist vibrant colors. When I saw the colorful pictures of Palm Springs on Instagram, I felt like they were screaming my name!

Image Source: @bridgetbraun/Instagram

We 💗 color around here! 🌈 #palmsprings PC: @lindsaysilb

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5) To explore Palm Springs Midcentury Architecture

Palm Springs is a gathering hub of not only modern architectural design aficionados and artists but also, it has a number of remarkable historical houses. As an architecture lover, I’m fond of exploring splendid architectures and I came to know that Palm Springs has plenty of them.

Did you know that this cute door has its own hashtag #thatpinkdoor on Instagram? It is said that no trip to Palm Springs would be complete without getting yourself clicked in front of this iconic Pink door. So how could I’ve not added that on my wishlist!

It's a historical landmark but I'm not sure anyone knows why? #thatpinkdoor

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6) To explore the Palm Springs Windmills

I’ve only seen windmills in the movies. Therefore I want to see the windmills by my own eyes as well as learn all behind-the-scenes mechanism of energy conservation. I came to know that Palm Springs Windmills provide 2-hours guided tour and I’d love to explore everything about it!

Image Source: @candiceheld/Instagram 

7) To experience some vintage glamour

Palm Spring is also popular as a mecca for vintage-obsessed shoppers who are looking for Mid-century modern style. I too love exploring quirky pieces from all the decades. Therefore I’m sure, there will be some adventure waiting for me too!

8) To pass on gas money

Palm Springs is a bike-friendly city and you can explore all its amazing attractions on your two wheels itself. You also don’t need to rent a car while commuting from airport to hotel or downtown as shuttles and the SunBus are available that will eliminate all your stress. The best part is that you can save some gas money and pamper yourself!

9) To attend Coachella Festival

Coachella Festival is the main reason! (Aha! You got me!) Just in a vicinity of Palm Springs, the Empire Polo Club in Indio has its annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival. This is one of the most popular music festivals in the United States and an ultimate dream of any music lover. It is on my wishlist for ages and can’t wait to visit there hopefully by the next year!

Palm Springs, California| Why Its Top On My West Coast Bucket List?Apart from all the above reasons, Palm Springs, California is also lashing with some Hollywood history. It has an Elvis Honeymoon Hideaway which was a home of Elvis & Priscilla Presley. Just 100 miles from LA makes it one of the favorite spots for Hollywood celebrities looking for a quick weekend escape. Some famous Hollywood stars such as Frank SinatraBing Crosby, Grant and Douglas have their homes in this town. Palm Springs is also a paradise for the golfers and thousands of them flock to its courses every year to try their luck. Not only this, Palm Springs is also famous for its delicious eateries, refreshing cocktails and confectionaries. 

With all these being said, I just wish to visit Palm Springs soon!

Have you visited Palm Springs in California? Do share your experiences or tell me what else I could explore there?

Till then, Happy Wandering,

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Palm Springs, California| Why Its Top On My West Coast Bucket List?


    1. oh my goodness, it is absolutely amazing. What views!! And the weather is perfect to scape and enjoy.
      and That pink door, geez, is so famous, everybody has to stop and snap it.

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    1. Palm Springs is no joke! I went there back in 2008 (visiting a buddy that was stationed in 29 Palms) and we stayed at this gorgeous resort in Palm Springs. I loved everything about it and I would definitely go back in a heart beat! Thank you for sharing thw beauty of this place!

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    1. It looks like a perfect place to unwind and to relax. Very calming place and the weather is so warm. I really like to experience the beautiful desert sunset. Looks so breathtaking.

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