6 Items that You Must-Pack For Your Next Hotel Stay

Whether you’re heading off on a work trip or a vacation to a faraway place, packing is a difficult task. You won’t have the luxury of bringing your entire wardrobe, medicine cabinet and shower caddy full of hygiene products, so thoughtful planning is a must.

Even with a packing list of clothes, toiletries and medications, there are still a few items you should be throwing into your suitcase that you might not have considered. Hotels appear to provide all the comforts of home, and in most cases, they do have all you need. But the following six items should always be in your suitcase to ensure you have everything you want, too:

1) Eye Mask and Earplugs

Not all hotels are created equal, even if they’re part of a chain. Until you’re in your room, you won’t know if your room is drenched in the morning sunlight, situated under a bright street lamp, flooded with air or ground traffic noises or simply next door to loud guests. Without a little bit of planning, these factors and others could prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, no matter how tired you are.

Before your next trip, then, pick up an eye mask to block out light and a pair of earplugs to muffle ambient sounds that could disrupt your shut-eye. If you don’t like the idea of wearing earplugs – especially if you have to hear your alarm to wake up at a particular time – try downloading a white noise app to block out sounds without distracting you from dozing off.

2) Slippers

If you stay at an upscale hotel, there’s a good chance your lodging will have this item covered. But most hotels won’t provide you with slippers to wear when you’re in your hotel room and bathroom.

You don’t want to walk around and relax while wearing your outside shoes, especially if they’re high heels, stiff loafers or other footwear that’s less than comfortable. Sliding into a pair of slippers as soon as you’re in your room will help you relax and keep your feet clean, too — you probably don’t want to walk around barefoot when you have the option of cozy footwear.

3) Hand Towel, Wash Cloth and Bath Towel

Chances are, you’re packing your own face wash, toner and moisturizer to maintain skin care while on the road. You should add a fresh hand towel, washcloth and even a bath towel to your packing list, too, to complete your clean routine.

This is especially true if you have sensitive skin, which can become irritated by the detergent the hotel uses to clean its linens. In fact, bringing your own and knowing it won’t cause you to have a reaction is one of the best skincare tips for those with sensitive skin.

6 Items that You Must-Pack For Your Next Hotel Stay

4) Reusable Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

It could be the last thing you do before bed, the first thing you do in the morning, or both; no matter what, you know the importance of a nice glass of water. It’s true that steady hydration is good for your body, especially when you’re traveling. It helps you feel more energized and can boost your mood, so always drink plenty as you make your way from point A to point B.

At the hotel, though, they might charge you to drink bottles of filtered water, and tap water might not be palatable. In order to save money and still drink all the water you want, bring along a water bottle with a built-in filter. That way, you can know what you’re drinking is clean without paying big bucks.

5) Downloaded Entertainment

You might be surprised to find that your hotel, even in today’s digital age, might not provide free Wi-Fi to its customers; the selection of TV channels will probably be lacking, too. If that happens to you, you don’t want to be left in the lurch without Netflix or other streaming services that’ll keep you entertained at night before bed.

So, before your trip, download your favorite series to your tablet or smartphone. You can download e-books and any other entertainment that’ll keep you company, too. If you’re stuck without the Internet, you’ll be glad to have a little piece of home to keep you company when texting and video calling can’t.

6) Laundry Bag

At home, you have a designated place for all of your dirty clothes. Whether it’s a basket, a hamper or a corner of your room (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone) you know what’s dirty, what’s clean, and not to mix the two.

Your suitcase can get a bit dodgy if you don’t have the same sort of separation. As such, bring along your own bag large enough to hold all the laundry you’ll create while on vacation. Hang it up in your hotel room and toss everything in as soon as you’re done wearing it. It’ll make cleaning up your room and packing everything away from a breeze.

Unpacking will be easy, too: leave your laundry by your washing machine and put everything away that’s clean. As a bonus, bagging everything that’s dirty will ensure your stuff that’s clean stays smelling clean, too.

With these six things in your suitcase, you’ll be even more ready for upcoming travel. Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, you’ll be resting and recharging comfortably in your hotel room, wherever it is you stay. And that may just be the key to a successful trip, no matter where you go.  

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6 Items that You Must-Pack For Your Next Hotel Stay


    1. These are such great tips! The last time I stayed at a pretty nice hotel, I was so shocked that they didn’t have slippers. And their wifi really sucked so that made things so much worse. Thank you so much for sharing your tips x

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    1. Shampoo and Conditioner, because those little bottles they offer don’t do anything. I always forget to bring them. That and a towel that actually cover me…lol

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    1. I always carry my laundry bag every time I traveled. This is such a great ideas for those who always forget their needs to pack.

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    1. You know, I never thought to bring a laundry bag with me on vacation. But this makes so much sense to separate what you’ve worn already from the clean clothes. Great idea.

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