My Favorite Ways to Accessorize This Fall While Traveling

Traveling always ends up being an amazing experience for me, and most of the time that’s because I’ve planned ahead for things. My hotel, my meals, you name it, I’ve planned for it. That totally includes what I’m going to wear while I’m away from home too, because who can just throw clothes in their suitcase and hope they have enough to wear?

Planning outfits is one thing, but accessories are a whole different challenge. Will the weather be warm or cold? Rainy or sunny? Everything about where you are and what you’ll be doing factors into what accessories you pair with each outfit, which is why I have a few favorite staples to consider when I travel during the fall.

Bring My Favorite Shoes

In the fall, my favorite shoes are my trusty boots. They lace up, rise just past my ankle and have been with me through most of my adult life. They aren’t new or the latest trend, but I know they’ll get me places. When I travel, that’s most important to me. I need to trust that my shoes not only look good with what I’m wearing, but that they’ll feel good too. Don’t pack your shoes according to when you bought them, but how they’ll help you on your trip.

And Carry A Cute Purse

It’s easy to pack your usual purse that’s ratty or dirty just because you’re on vacation—who cares? There’s actually a lot of fashion moguls who watch fall purse trends, and this year it’s all about the clutch. Small handbags are great because they make such a statement with your outfit, but they can be annoying to carry if you’re walking around. For traveling purposes, I know I’ll be looking for one with a strap that’ll keep it safe on my shoulder.

My Favorite Ways to Accessorize This Fall While Traveling

Don’t Forget That Watch

Most of the time these days, people check the time on their phones because we all have our phones on us at any given moment. When I’m somewhere new, this can be comforting, since I always have access to an accurate map or phone line, but it also makes me more worried about losing my phone somewhere.

On my next trip this fall, I’m going to leave prepared with my favorite new watch. It will give me peace of mind that my phone is safe in my pocket, plus a watch is the perfect accessory with a cute rolled up sweater.

My Favorite Ways to Accessorize This Fall While Traveling

Or The Right Makeup

Let’s just admit it: certain makeup looks are better in different seasons. In the summer, I always go with a bold red lipstick to try and outdo the hot weather, but this fall I’ll be toning things down. Even when I travel, I’ll be aiming for a more neutral color pallet in lipsticks and eyeshadows. The earth is chilling out and so will I!

This fall when I travel, I’m going to think ahead to make sure that I have the perfect accessories. The key will be to aim for usefulness while not compromising on my overall look. That’s why starting with the basics like shoes and makeup is so important to consider before you zip up your bag.

My Favorite Ways to Accessorize This Fall While TravelingIt’s always a good idea to stick with more earthy colors in clothing and makeup during the fall season, and always make sure to check the weather so you know if it’ll be a sweater or shorts kind of day wherever you’re going. Anything can happen when you travel, whether that’s during your trip or once you arrive at your destination. Come prepared with the right accessories so nothing can rain on your parade!

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My Favorite Ways to Accessorize This Fall While Traveling


    1. I’m loving this post Ana about re-using the clothing already in our wardrobes by adding a little imagination and using accessories that we already have or buy to add that dash of something extra special. The idea of wearing the scarf in clever different ways to enhance an outfit is great.

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    1. This is a motivating post. I really liked the way you have accessorized yourself from bags to shoes to earrings. To be honest I will be imitating your pictures soon on my blog.

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    1. A watch is super helpful! I too am always looking at my phone. It can drain the battery. I also have this super cool watch with a map of the world on it, which is perfect for traveling.

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