7 Simple Tips & Tricks For A Smoother Air Trip

Are you planning on going away on a trip that involves air travel? Do you want to make sure that the whole experience will be smooth and comfortable? If you have provided an affirmative answer to either one of these two questions, you should definitely keep on reading this article.

Once you will give these suggestions a try, you will definitely be able to enjoy your travel and arrive at the destination well-rested, not to mention prepared to have fun. Air travel has become quite popular nowadays, with people flying all over the world to their favorite destinations.

However, one can still experience jet lag and additional problems due to airplane pressure; for this reason, it is important to try these 7 simple tips and tricks included in this article, discovering how you can increase the overall comfort for your travels.  

Keep in mind that these suggestions are valid, regardless of the distance for which you will travel or the actual destination.

Traveling can be stressful, tiring and annoying especially if you are not familiar with the dos and don’ts of the game. If you are an experienced and well-traveled person, then you know all the problems that may arise from traveling. Through the year, you may have experienced personally or heard of these common problems like unforeseen charges and lines, lines, lines. It is really annoying when you encounter hidden costs, especially, when you are on a budget. Whether it’s at the gates, ticketing and in traffic, it’s really pretty frustrating.

There are other problems to watch out for like airport problems, health and transportation issues. Airport problems like overweight and oversized luggage, overbooking and gate changes can be a hassle. It happens once in a while and becomes confusing when posted on those big electronic boards causing you to rush to the farthest gate at the end of the terminal. 

7 Simple Tips & Tricks For A Smoother Air Trip

Sometimes, it is really out of your hands or control. Despite all of these, you should remain on top of every situation. Aside from being well-prepared, you should stay calm, fresh, sexy and beautiful all the time.

You should be ready to mingle every time, all the time. Faced with all these problems, here are some beauty tips and tricks for traveling:

 1) Eat a healthy food before boarding your flight

Eat a healthy diet before you board your flight. Choose food that doesn’t make you feel bloated or uncomfortable during the entire trip. 

2) Hydrate Yourself

The common problem all travelers face is a skin problem. Skin gets very little air or water in-flight as you are enclosed in an environment where the air is recycled. Plane air gets very dry so hydrating your skin is a must. Drinking water is one way to hydrate your skin, as well as your body. Since your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen or hydration, it may tend to look dry and dull. Apart from this, some other health benefits of drinking water include busting bad breath, maximizing physical performance, helping in the treatment of your kidney stones, helping prevent and alleviate hangovers, facilitating with weight loss, relieving fatigue, improving your mood, reducing headaches and migraines, helping in digestion and constipation, acting as detoxifier, regulating body temperature and promoting healthy skin.

Apply a mist of mineral water to your face every now and then. Never use makeup while on air. 

3) Keep a Blotting Paper

To keep your skin from getting oily while traveling brings blotting papers and dab you’re “T-zone” every now and then. By dabbing off the excess oil, you don’t get to strip out the moisture on your face.

4) Be cool

Being cool is just simply being you. Be good to you and others. As for appearance, you can just be in trend and fashionable by being comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.   

5) Try to take care of yourself

Learn how to do a quick makeup, use cleansers, braid your crowning glory and moisturize for a beautiful skin.

— DAB ON A BALM: Lips show the first signs of dryness. Make sure they are thoroughly moisturized. Don’t forget to include the dry parts of your body as well as elbows, nostrils.

—  You may be indoors but the higher the altitude, the more exposed you are to the sun. Just because you can’t see or feel it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Therefore don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

6) Learn to relax

Either listen to some good music, watch any movie or read a magazine or a book that calms you down. Try to get enough sleep. By getting enough rest, you’re bound to feel fresh and active when you land.

7) Prepare your body for a  jet lag

One of the problems in traveling is jet lag.  A lot of people who cross many time zones are likely to experience or suffer from this condition. Jet lag is basically a state wherein your biological clock is in confusion with the local time of the place where you are currently in. The most common symptoms are uncertainty and puzzlement, abnormal sleeping patterns, exhaustion, dehydration, painful hands and feet, anxiety, headaches, loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation, sweating, memory problems and one-to-many to mention. It has an overall effect on the condition of the person making the traveler susceptible to infection or sickness.

A few methods to beat jet lag include advancing your scheduled time zone, arriving early, exposing yourself to the sun, dodging caffeine and alcohol, taking sleeping pills and consider taking medications as ways to remedy the disorder.
You may also consider setting your body to the local time, setting your watch and adapting to your place of destination a few days or hours before you travel.

A long flight may leave you uneasy, dehydrated, and tired and jet lag, it’s best to relax and keep yourself happy throughout the entire journey.

Whether you are traveling for work or for the holiday, a smooth air trip should always be your top priority.

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7 Simple Tips & Tricks For A Smoother Air Trip


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