5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine Lovers

Wine is unlike any other beverage in the world. Any wine lover can attest to that and to the passion this drink can awake. If you love wine, no destination is too far to visit if visiting it means introducing new wine experiences to your palate. Although there are some well-known destinations for wine lovers like the Provence in France or the Napa Valley in the USA, authentic wine lovers ought to step off the beaten path and visit some less visited wine gems. They are every bit as exciting and interesting as the well-known destinations, if not more.

Western Colorado, USA

5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine LoversA real gem of the USA when it comes to producing wine is definitely Western Colorado. The vineyards here are some of the highest vineyards in the world. Since Colorado has over three hundred days of sunshine every year and cool mountain breezes that keep the temperatures in check, together with the cold mountain runoffs that water the vineyards, it is a great place to grow grapes that will make great wine. You can visit the Colorado Wine Festival or explore this great wine landscape according to your own schedule. Don’t miss the chance of trying the Plum Creek Cellars’ amazing Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cafayate, Argentina

5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine LoversArgentina is famous for its Torrontés wine. Although a dessert wine, Torrontés is made in a dry wine style. That makes the wine stand out from other dessert wines, so it’s a definite must-try. Cafayate has a low-humidity mild climate and there is little rain; both those conditions benefit the production of wine. There are many wine cellars in this town and most of them offer free guided tours. You can try new wines and get to know the Argentinean culture and wine tasting customs while there. Traveling to Cafayate is a great opportunity to visit the rest of the Calchaquíes valleys and marvel at their beauty.

Yarra Valley, Australia

5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine LoversYarra Valley is an important Australian wine destination. It is located east of Melbourne, so if you decide to visit this valley, you can use this opportunity to spend a few days in one of the biggest cities in Australia. The Valley has a cool climate and it is known for producing Chardonnay, sparkling wine, and Pinot noir. There is no unique style of winemaking, but one thing is very important to Yarra Valley as well as other Australian winemakers and that is to produce natural wines. Wine that is allowed to ferment naturally with minimal intervention can be labeled as natural wine. Wines made this way taste better and are of higher quality. A variety of quality natural wine you can taste here is the reason you must visit Yarra Valley.

Fruška Gora, Serbia

5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine LoversOne wine destination that is too often overlooked is Fruška Gora. Serbia has been an established wine country since the 15th century. There are many winemakers here and some of the most commonly produced wines are Traminer, Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The most interesting wine you can taste here is, however, Bermet. This is a dessert wine produced only in Sremski Karlovci, a town on Fruška Gora. Records show that crates of Bermet were used to bribe the Austrian empress Maria Theresa by Serbs for certain privileges. This wine was also served on Russian and British courts. This is the place where you will get an opportunity to try something new that not even royals could resist.

Khao Yai, Thailand

5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine LoversWine lovers are familiar with the fact that Thailand is also known for something other than its beaches. Khao Yai is a region in Thailand that has a climate similar to that of France and considerably less rain than the rest of the country. This makes it the perfect grape growing ground for classic varieties of vines. This is Southeast Asia’s most promising wine destination that keeps growing and developing. Some of the wine you should try while here are Syrah, Petit Syrah, and Viognier. This area is also famous for its wildlife, so before wine tasting, you can also explore some nature.

Do share your experiences if you’ve visited any of these places in the comments below? If not, which place would you love to visit?

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5 Unexpected Destinations For Wine Lovers


    1. I knew of Argentina and even have loved their wines, but was totally unaware of Serbia and Thailand also for that matter. Shall look out for Serbia more and soon plan my travel there:)

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    1. These look like awesome places to visit whether you are a wine lover or not. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to some of the international destinations, but the one in Colorado looks like one I can totally do.

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    1. So many destinations, literally all around the world. I’ve only visited a few wineries, but they’ve both been in Ontario. One in the Niagara lakes region and the other in Prince Edward County. Both were a treat!

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    1. I love Argentinian wines and that country is definitely on my bucket list. I’ve also been hearing lately that Serbia is an interesting travel destination and it’s cool to know they have a good wine culture.

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