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Whether it’s holidays, birthdays, weddings, special occasion or just want to make someone special, you should never miss a chance to gift those whom you care about most in your life! Gifting your loved ones not only makes you feel good but seeing those delighted faces when they open your gifts is a priceless moment in itself. However, the biggest hassle while choosing a gift for someone is itself a herculean task. Firstly, you need to be aware of the likes and dislikes of the person and keeping your budget as one of the important constraints. Isn’t it?

In the world of online shopping, thousands of websites are available with millions of the gift ideas for any occasion. That means, you name it and they have it. However, as a buyer, it is difficult to rely on any website as most of them look lucrative but have a bad customer experience. I had a similarly awful experience with one of the websites when I had to send a birthday gift to my brother in New Zealand last year. That website took my order but didn’t deliver it. After a month of follow-up, I got my money refunded. So, I was little skeptical about my online gifting experience. Until then, I came across this amazing website UncommonGoods.com which offers personalized, quirky gift items and original designs by independent makers. This website is an online marketplace to connect makers and their creations with individuals looking for truly special goods, regardless of the physical distance between the maker and the shopper. 

Most of the gift items on UncommonGood.com are unique and creative with artist names and their background stories. That means you would know very well who is behind your favorite masterpiece! Whether you’re looking for some unique gift ideas for the love of your life or your BFFs, UncommonGood.com has some amazing gift collection to entice any soul! 

While stumbling the website, I came across many wonderful gift items that I’m planning to gift my loved ones this year. Here’re few of my favorite items: 

To gift someone who loves to travel

If you’ve to gift someone who loves to travel, UncommonGoods.com has some amazing unique travel gift items. Few of my favorite items are Reclaimed License Plate MapScratch MapWomen’s Organizing Travel 4-pack and Choose Your City Necktie. As a traveler, I know that any of these items can cherish anyone suffering from a wanderlust!

UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone

To gift someone who loves gardening

For someone who loves gardening, Uncommongoods.com has some wonderful gift ideas. My favorite gift item is Personalized Family Member Signpost – a creative way to keep the family together on the warmly weathered sign, featuring the distance of the loved ones from each other. Some of the other gift items that I liked are Solitary Bee Hive â€” a custom wood “condo” that invites solitary pollinators to move in and decorate with mud mortar and Recycled Metal Ostrich Planter which will increase the charm of any garden.

UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone

To gift someone who is obsessed with cleanliness

Do you remember the character of Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S? I’m sure you must have someone in your life who is obsessed with cleaning. UncommonGoods.com has some incredibly funny doormats that will make your cleaning friend delighted with joy! 

UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone

 To gift your colleague

Whether you love or hate your colleagues, you need to maintain a healthy relationship to maintain peace at work!  Uncommongoods.com has some quirky paper-weight gift items as well as unique gifts for your co-workers to make them feel valued!

UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone

To gift someone who loves candle

I love candles and you can find a lot of candles at each corner of my home. So if you’re unable to decide what to gift me, a candle is always a good idea! 😉 

Uncommongoods.com has some of the very creative and unique designs of the candles to tempt any candle loverI adore few of these pieces on its website and can’t wait to buy it during Diwali (an Indian festival of lights) next season!

UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone

I’ve to admit that I haven’t personally gifted any items from this website to anyone but one of my girlfriends has got Heart in Hand â€” a stoneware sculpture that represents the willingness to give and receive love, and the need to protect it, for her sister’s wedding and she absolutely loved it!

UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone

Do share your experience if you have gifted someone through UncommonGoods.com? If not, do share your favorite items from my list that you want to gift yourself or someone special in your life?

Till then, happy gifting!


Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored post by UncommonGoods.com. All thoughts are 100% my own and being compensated for this post has not affected my opinion. Please note that all the images featured in this post are from the website of UncommonGoods.com and I don’t own it! For more information on my disclosure policy, you can check here.
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UncommonGoods.Com | Your One Stop For Unique Gifts For Everyone


    1. These are very cool and nice gift ideas. I’am definitely going to give this a try. I love the unique plate mat. It’s so cool!!

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    1. I’m a huge fan of random weird objects that you can’t really get anywhere else and I used to love uncommongoods. These are some great picks! I love the unique candles.

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