4 Ways To Protect Your Home While On A Long Vacation

If you’re a passionate traveler around the world, or you’re just taking a long-term job position in another country, the last thing you want to be worrying about are your belongings back home. Sometimes, you just don’t know when you’re going to return, and having a safe place for your belongings can mean the difference between losing and keeping them. Storing your stuff in a basement or a garage is fine on a short run, but give it six months and the fact that neither of the two is being climate controlled or pest-free might ruin your possessions.  So what are your options when it comes to storing your belongings?

1) Yard Sale

Selling your stuff may work if you don’t have anything of sentimental value, or you’re just not planning on coming back. If you do come back, however, replacing all of your belongings might turn out not only expensive but also tiresome. Separate the stuff that you don’t actually need and sell it at a yard sale. If you’re going to be storing your belongings, there’s no need to cling to the things you wanted to get rid of anyway. You’ll be surprised how many people are actually buying stuff like this, and you might just earn an extra buck for your travel.

4 Ways To Protect Your Home While On A Long Vacation2) Friend’s Garage

You have some good friends and they have a big garage that is just perfect for storing your belongings. But one of many problems with this option is, friends also need a place to store their stuff too. More often than not, the garage where you stored your stuff will be used during your absence, leaving the room for damage. Besides, if you don’t know when you’ll be coming back, this might just create unnecessary pressure on you, as you’ll constantly be thinking if it’s not a big hassle on them. On the plus side, at least someone will be looking after your stuff.

3) Rent Your House Furnished

It’s a good idea on paper, but the problem is you’ll still need a place to store anything valuable, plus your personal stuff. Not to mention that some renters have a habit of destroying furniture. Unless you’re completely indifferent about your belongings, we advise you to avoid this option and actually find a safe place where your stuff won’t be used. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay abroad without ever thinking about your things.  And with that, we come to the self-storage units for long term storage.  

4) Self-Storage Units

Storing your stuff inside a self-storage unit is the go-to option for any traveler that wants none of the pressure or stress of thinking about them. Maybe you’re thinking that it’s costly, but you can actually find some super cheap storage solutions that will suit your needs. If you’re storing wood furniture or electronics, make sure that you rent a climate controlled unit. It’s simple and cheap, and it will bring you a much-needed piece of mind while you’re away. As for the paying of a storage unit, you can pay it online or just set it on auto-debit.

4 Ways To Protect Your Home While On A Long VacationEnjoy Your Trip Without Unnecessary Stress

Investing some time into organizing your stuff before you leave will save you a lot of nerves later on.  Whichever of these options you choose, the most important thing is that you don’t have to stress over your belongings back home. Knowing that your possessions are taken care of will make your stay abroad more enjoyable and easier in the long run. After all, you can’t let your stuff stand in a way of having a great time. And when you do come back, you’ll either find your stuff safe and sound, or you’ll realize that you were fine leaving it all behind.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Home While On A Long Vacation


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