Local’s Guide Through Sydney Suburbs

There are many reasons why numerous tourists visit Sydney every year. Beautiful architecture, white sandy beaches, the Royal National Park, and great nightlife are just a few of those. You can read a lot about Sydney and how you can spend your time while visiting it, but one interesting aspect of Sydney life is often overlooked ‒ it’s suburbs. When you step off the beaten path, you can discover the true Sydney and experience so much more than you ever will just sticking to tourist attractions. To find your way around next time you are there more easily, read this quick local’s guide through Sydney suburbs.


This is a very youthful area of Sydney as it is very popular with students, both local and foreign. This is the right place to visit if you are hoping to discover a more authentic part of Sydney. Here you will find small restaurants offering cuisines of countries far away, vintage boutiques, second-hand clothes shops, and second-hand bookstores. Strolling around this area is sure to be a fun day. You can start by visiting some vintage boutiques that seem interesting, enjoy the day and prick up your ears to figure out all the different languages you will hear spoken by foreign students. Also, make sure to try a new meal when you find a restaurant where you will have a rest from walking all day. If you want to find the best restaurants, you will have to stray to side streets.

Local's Guide Through Sydney Suburbs


Glebe is the surprising side of Sydney. You don’t expect to find a place like this in a city that is too often described as being pretentious. Glebe is the intellectual heart of the city. This is where intellectuals like to spend their time. This little community is famous for its bookstores and cozy cafés. You can walk around until you find a book that captures your interests, and sit down in a café for a short read. I recommend a walk down Glebe Point Road. When you have had your coffee and book break, keep walking. The Blackwattle Bay is a sight you must see. Take a walk along the bay at sunset and spend the day peacefully in contemplation as you should when you find yourself at a place like Glebe.

Local's Guide Through Sydney Suburbs


Darlinghurst is the area where locals like to spend their nights. Things have changed in the former crime hotspot of Sydney and Darlinghurst is the newest hit spot. Darlinghurst is still as shady as ever but with more style and no danger. You can still find striptease clubs and adult shops here, but now you can also find some of the best restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in the city. Darlinghurst is not far from downtown Sydney and you can walk there. On your way, you will enjoy the sight of some beautiful buildings and interesting shops. This is the artistic part of town. When the sun goes down, you can find musicians, actors, filmmakers, and artistic spirits alike around here. One place I definitely recommend visiting is Della Hyde where you will find the best gigs in town, great craft beers, cocktails, and so much more.

Local's Guide Through Sydney Suburbs


This is the laid-back Sydney everyone imagines and hopes to find when traveling here. Balmain is a little suburb often forgotten, but that only makes it more enticing. It is surrounded by water and packed with great restaurants. Come here to have a nice day by the water having a great meal and a few drinks. Sometimes you need a relaxing day with people you love in a place that is not too crowded and has scenic views. For those days, Balmain is the best choice you can make.

Local's Guide Through Sydney Suburbs

Do share your experiences if you have visited these Sydney’s suburbs in the comments below? If not, which Sydney’s suburb would you like to explore the most?

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Local's Guide Through Sydney Suburbs


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