Baton Rouge | Best Places to Eat and See When Visiting

When you go on a trip to Louisiana, it’s just as important to research the sites you’ll visit as it is to research what restaurants you’ll visit. Yes, this southern state is known for its good times and good food and, while New Orleans gets most of the attention from tourists because of its must-see architecture and beauty, Baton Rouge is no slouch for tourists who want to experience all that Louisiana has to offer.

If you’re planning a trip down south, we’re here to help you prepare your itinerary. Here are six of the best places to eat and see when you’re in Baton Rouge:

1) Eat: Tony’s Seafood

Tony Pizzolato started selling produce in Baton Rouge in 1959, and it didn’t take him long to realize what his customers really wanted: seafood. So, he started ordering fresh crawfish, shrimp and crabs to his order and the rest, as they say, is history.

His wholefood seafood business grew into what Tony’s Seafood is today, a market that also sells deli items and plate lunches that have garnered rave reviews. You can grab a plate of classic seafood gumbo, bite into a crawfish pie or go for an Italian-inspired bowl of shrimp fettuccini alfredo.

2) See: Tiger Stadium, Louisiana State University

There’s nothing quite like the college football experience. If you enjoy sports — and, better yet, if you enjoy tailgating — you will have to center your Baton Rouge vacation around the LSU Tigers’ football schedule.

In 2013, ESPN columnist Paul Myerberg named Tiger Stadium the nation’s best college football stadium. He wrote, “What you can count on from LSU’s home field: size, intimidation, noise, earthquake-level reverberations, history, aesthetics and noise.” For any sports fan, that should be incentive enough to buy tickets for a game, grab a beer and enjoy.

3) Eat: Milford’s on Third

Milford’s on Third is not what you’d expect from a Louisiana restaurant — it’s a deli modeled after the most famous meat counters in New York City. And Milford’s has everything on the menu you’d expect from an NYC delicatessen. You can grab an authentic bagel for breakfast, or a bowl of hearty matzo ball soup on a chilly fall day.

Of course, your meal won’t be served with Big Apple attitude. Instead, the staff promises southern warmth and charm to every guest, which makes Milford’s the perfect happy-medium meal for your next trip to Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge | Best Places to Eat and See When Visiting

4) See: Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

Most people do not envision government buildings to be the things of fairytales. But the Louisiana Old State Capitol was built in 1847 to look like a castle, overlooking the Mississippi River.

Inside, a tour will show you around to such architectural highlights as a spiral staircase and a dome of glittery stained glass. You’ll also learn about the site’s rich history during the Civil War, when — spoiler alert — Union soldiers used it as a prison. The castle remained in use until the 1930s, when the state’s current Capitol building was opened.

Baton Rouge | Best Places to Eat and See When Visiting

5) Eat: Louisiana Lagniappe Restaurant

Lagniappe, pronounced “lan yap,” means “a little something extra.” You will certainly find that bit of pizzazz at this Cajun eatery, where seafood is certainly the star.

The menu is chockfull of Cajun flavors, including Andouille sausage, crawfish and fried crab fingers. But if you’re more interested in eating turf than surf, they grill steaks and chicken, as well as hamburgers for the kids.

6) See: Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center

No trip to Louisiana would be complete without some time spent outdoors, and this learning center has a lot to offer. You can strategically plan your trip around one of the center’s educational events, including expert-led hikes and art shows.

As for its permanent attractions, the center houses live animal exhibits and showcases photos of the plants and animals that live within the swamp. You can even head out onto one of the center’s gravel trails that go through the swamp. On your trek, keep an eye out for wildlife ranging from turtles and snakes to armadillos and coyotes.  

Baton Rouge | Best Places to Eat and See When Visiting

Now: Go

These are just six of many sites and eats that Baton Rouge has to offer. Whether you’re going as part of a tour of the Bayou state or heading to the state capital alone, you won’t be disappointed. So, pack your bags, buy your tickets and arrive with an empty stomach: it’s time to discover all that the deep south has to offer.  

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Baton Rouge | Best Places to Eat and See When Visiting


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