Orlando’s Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide

Orlando is a theme parks paradise and one of the most lovable destinations in the world. From the magic of the Walt Disney World to the Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the Shamu’s (Killer Whale) ultimate show at Sea World to the world of Legos at Legoland, you name it and Orlando has everything to offer! 

As a theme parks fanatic, Orlando is my second home most of the weekends when I’m not traveling. I’ve been to Orlando’s theme parks umpteenth times since I moved to Florida. The best thing I love about these theme parks is the euphoric ambiance where people from different cultures blend happily together.

Last two months, I didn’t have any trips planned outside the Florida. Mostly because April was my birthday month and I wanted to spend most of the time with my family.

During past few trips to Disney and Universal, I’ve seen few people dressing inappropriate and uncomfortable outfits, maybe I’m not interested to see butt cleavage, boobie show or extra abdominal cellulite that people show unintentionally. The heights were when I saw a  topless teenager gal showing her assets standing in front of me after a roller coaster ride and a random mother covering the eyes of her kid. I can understand that oops moment can happen with anyone but you need to take a caution and choose wisely what you’re going to wear at kids-friendly places!

Here’re few tips to wearing comfortable outfit for an ultimate fun day at theme parks!

1) Check weather forecast

Most of the year, Orlando has a tropical sunny climate with scorching heat. But sometimes, there are chances of showers and thunderstorms if you’re planning to visit during the hurricane season. In winters, sometimes the temperature is below 70’s with chilled winds. So, plan your outfit accordingly! 

2) Shorts and t-shirt can never go wrong  

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Denim Shorts: Levi’s | Floral top: Mango | Sunglasses: RayBan

Shorts and t-shirt/top are one of the most common outfits that you’ll see people wearing in the theme parks. The important rule for choosing a t-shirt fabric is cotton because it will soak your sweat throughout the day. Avoid polyester or spandex fabrics t-shirt/top unless you want to burn yourself in Floridian warm and humid weather. Also, avoid wearing the black color outfit as it absorbs more heat and you’ll feel very hot! 

For shorts, either wear cotton blend denim, mid-length or Bermuda shorts depending upon your comfort. Make sure that your shorts are not too tight as you’ve to spend your entire day in it!

3) Pair Tulle skirt with t-shirt to relive your childhood days

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Tulle Skirt: Zaful | T-shirt: Disney Store | Denim Jacket: Zara | Shoes: Nike

If you want to be nostalgic about your childhood days, pair any cotton blend tulle skirt with any of your favorite cartoon character t-shirt and you’re all set to rock your childhood. In case you feel a little cold, a denim jacket is always a good idea!

 4) A cute floral mini dress is an ultimate choice

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Floral Mini Dress – Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Vogue | Watch: US Polo | Denim Jacket & Backpack: Zara | Shoes: H&M

Nothing can beat a floral mini dress if you’re planning to visit theme parks. You’ll not only be overloaded with cuteness but look very comfortable and sporty. You can wear denim or cycling shorts inside your mini dress so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Floral Mini Dress: Forever 21 | Backpack: Zara | Sunglasses: D&G | Watch: US Polo | Slipper: Michael Kors

5) Wear skirt for a sassy look

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Denim Skirt: Zara | T-shirt: Surf Style | Backpack: Zara | Watch: Jord | Sunglasses: RayBan | Shoes: Nike

I’m fond of denim skirts. Whenever I’m confused as what to wear, a denim skirt is my ultimate savior. Either you pair it with a white t-shirt or floral top, it will look fabulous. Just wear a cycling shorts underneath your skirt and you’re all ready for the biggest thrill!


Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Floral mini skirt: Zara | Crop Top: H&M | Sunglasses: RayBan | Ballet Flats: Fit in Clouds

You can also wear a cute floral mini skirt and crop top. Though I’m not fond of long skirts and maxi dresses for theme parks because it makes me feel uncomfortable while climbing on the rides. 

6) Wear Rompers/Jumpsuits/Wrap dresses/Culotte pants for a signature style

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Floral Wrap Dress: Forever 21 | Sling Bag: Michael Kors |Sunglasses: Vogue | Shoes: H&M

If you want to create a signature style while visiting to the theme parks, rompers, jumpsuits, wrap dresses and culotte pants are season’s favorites. Only choose the light fabric blended with cotton for a maximum comfort.

Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide
Stripe Top: H&M | Culotte Pant: Zara | Shoes: H&M | Sunglasses: RayBan | Bag: David Jones

I wore this culotte pant to Universal’s Citywalk on my birthday eve as I had plans for clubbing with my friends. My friend had plan my birthday theme as ‘Fire’ based on my sun sign.  I guess I’ve nailed the fire look…lol!

7) Keep a zip sling bag/backpack or a shoulder bag to dump your stuff

A backpack is my first choice to dump all my stuff if I’m planning to stay throughout the day at the park because it keeps my both hands free. A sling/shoulder bag when I’m planning to stay in the park for few hours. Most of the rides at theme parks have space to keep your bag or a locker is available if it’s a topsy-turvy ride. Ensure that in your bag, you have space to keep your sunglasses, sunscreen or hat.

8) Wear comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes are very important if you want to enjoy all the attractions and rides at the theme parks. Say ‘no’ to heels and uncomfortable shoes as you don’t want to spoil your visit. Also, don’t wear new shoes as you don’t want to get a shoe bite. 

9) Don’t wear loose accessories

Don’t wear anything which is too valuable and loose on your body if you’re planning to ride on a roller coaster. 

10) Have fun!

The most important part of visiting a theme park is to have fun and enjoy fullest. You need to create memories with your loved ones. Therefore just don’t let the weather, crowd or your outfit ruin your enthusiasm to enjoy fullest.

Let me know if you’ve any other advice for dressing ideas to a theme park in the comments below or what is your favorite outfit for the amusement parks?

Till then, embrace your unique style!


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Orlando's Theme Parks Lookbook | What To Wear Guide


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