9 Must Know Facts About Skydiving A Beginner Should Know

Skydiving – it’s something many people love, but more people fear. Yet, it is still a fun activity that people like to do. Every person has their own reasons for wanting to skydive. The most common reason, according to Skydive Northwest, is the fact that it feels very freeing to free fall from the sky – this, however, is also one of the most common fears that people have – apart from the fear that the parachute won’t open midair. Apart from this, some people simply like to try out skydiving as a way to experience something new and to be adventurous. There are also some people who consider skydiving as an exciting sport that gives them an adrenaline rush. Then there is also the fact that you are able to see the earth from the sky, which can be very beautiful.

While skydiving can be a fearful activity, some people also find that it has numerous benefits for them. For example, the feeling of being so free up in the air can be very beneficial for a person who has depression symptoms, but not a fear of heights. There are, however, a few things that people need to know about when it comes to skydiving – in this post, we’d like to clarify nine of the most important facts that every beginner needs to know about.

1. To Master the Art of Skydiving, You Need To Give Yourself Some Time

While it may seem like something that is very simple, a lot of people find that they are not able to completely master the art of skydiving on the first jump. It takes some time to learn about everything and experience is probably the best way to educate yourself about the most appropriate methods to fully enjoy the experience while you are up there in the sky.

2. You Should Prepare Yourself

Skydiving can be fun, but if you are not well prepared beforehand and properly educated about how everything works, then you might start to panic before jumping or even during the jump. This can turn the experience from something that should’ve been exciting to something that is rather fearful and “scary”. To make the best of your skydiving experience, you should educate yourself before you go for the jump and also make appropriate preparations to ensure you are confident while jumping.

3. Know The Risks

Even though skydiving is considered as a safe sport, there are some risks that you should be aware of. Fortunately, there is a very small mortality rate caused by skydiving. According to How Stuff Works, your chance of having an accident while skydiving is less than one in 100,000. Still, if you have any health conditions that may interfere with your ability to jump, you should know about this beforehand. For example, if you suffer from joint pain, you could try out some home remedies for arthritis before you go for the jump.

4. Know The Price

A lot of people do not realize that skydiving can be an expensive sport, but, on the other hand, learning about the best places to go to if you are on a budget means you could go for a skydive at a reasonable price. For example, No Limits Skydiving offer skydiving experiences from as little as $220. Skydive Help, however, reports that in some locations, such as Mauritius and Nepal, the price could go well over $450.

9 Must Know Facts About Skydiving A Beginner Should Know

5. Skydiving Is Not That Difficult

Some people claim that skydiving is very difficult and takes a lot of practice to perfect, but, in reality, even though it does take some time to master all of the elements to this sport, you can still enjoy the entire experience on your first try. A lot of companies also offer trained professionals that can go with you on the first jump to take some stress of the experience and help you enjoy it more.

6. You Can Still Pull Out At the Last Minute

Even though your friends may call you a “sissy” or a “baby”, it is important that you realize you can pull out at the last minute. Once you are up there and you find that things are too fearful for you, you can tell the skydiving instructors that you do not want to jump. They are not allowed to force you if you feel like it is too much for you. It is important to note that you will most likely not receive a refund if you decide to withdraw just before the jump.

7. Where You Skydive Counts

“First impressions count” – this is something you’ve most definitely heard before and it also counts in this situation. You want your first skydiving experience to be breathtaking and memorable; thus WHERE you skydive for the first time is essential. While the location will not have a significant difference on the science behind skydiving, the view down on earth will definitely have an effect on your mental experience.

8. Private Coaching Is Available

If you’re scared of the entire experience and you’re really afraid of screwing up or doing something wrong, then you should know that private coaching is available at numerous skydiving companies. This can, however, cost quite a lot of money is some cases; thus it is important to first determine if you can truly afford it and if you really need it.

9. There Are Some Lingo You Should Know

If you’re about to skydive for the very first time, then you should also realize that some lingo might be used that could sound confusing. Educating yourself about these terms beforehand can help considerably. Learn what “drop zone”, “jumpsuit”, “liability release”, “freefall” and “canopy” means so that you can feel like you at least know some aspects related to skydiving on your first try.

Skydiving is not only fun but also an activity which can make your joint pain more worst.  There are some good supplements like Vital 3, which can give you an adrenaline rush and help you feel more adventurous. Whether you are planning to skydive alone, with a group of friends or with your partner to experience something new together, there are some facts that you need to educate yourself about prior to jumping from the plane.

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9 Must Know Facts About Skydiving A Beginner Should Know


    1. Absolutely right girl. This post is so much for people like me, who have a phobia for skydiving. I do wanna experience it but still fell scared and utmost important is to go with a reliable company and trainer.

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    1. Wow! These pictures are awe-inspiring. I haven’t done much of the adventure activities apart from paragliding and parasailing that too once. Though skydiving looks amazing am not sure I would dare to.. 🙂 You have some great tips to prepare self in advance. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    1. Perhaps 15 years ago I will not think twice and will try skydiving in a heartbeat. However now, I don’t think I can do it hahaha. The last time I tried the giant drop in Dreamworld I felt like I’m gonna die.

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    1. You are completely right about doing it where it counts!!! I did my first one in Dubai over the Palm and it was absolutely amazing. Nothing will ever top it AND it was $500!! Which included pictures and video but still. I will forever remember that day. I can’t wait to go again!!

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