A Guide To The Australian Food Scene For Beginners

The land Down Under is a dream come true for every foodie, with an unparalleled international scene along with its unique, traditional recipes to tickle your tastebuds. It’s not a place that only comes alive during their magical food festivals, which are the personification of delicious. Australia boasts an array of chic restaurants as well as wineries visited by people from all over the world for their delicate wines.

If you’re planning a first visit to the Land of Oz, here’s a comprehensive list of must-see places for all gourmets with a flair for adventure!

Brunch in Sydney

A trend that is winning over the hearts of all Australians, brunch is becoming an increasingly popular option in many eclectic restaurants in every corner of Sydney. Try an incomparable weekend breakfast in Sydney and you’ll know why the morning routine, much like in Europe’s greatest culinary centers, is a special ritual in all of Australia.

Book your table at many hip places for an eclectic crab omelette and a house-made juice, or for a taste of the morning glory dish with tandoori roasted sweet potatoes, whipped goat cheese, avocado and soft boiled eggs, perhaps followed by the famous coconut hotcake with fresh blueberries and pomegranate. Aussie chefs will ensure that your palate is happy, intrigued and asking for more. Also, Sydney is popular for hosting many different food festivals, so check your dates and don’t miss them out!

Dine in Darwin

A Guide To The Australian Food Scene For Beginners

While the artwork at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, the history alone, and the city’s reputation as a shopping nook for artsy vintage items are more than enough to attract curious souls, the modern vibe of Darwin lacks no chic food places.

Don’t miss out to try the local taste of Italian and French cuisine with a twist, dishes like glorious duck and tasty bolognese pasta accompanied by craft beer, or go to the raw, urban corner of Little Miss Korea for Chef Chung Jae Lee’s fusion of oriental tastes. Their Yook Hwe, the Korean version of steak tartar, is only for the boldest, or you can opt for their sumptuous grilled prawns with chili lime sauce.

Feast in Melbourne

Not only does the city boast the world-renowned Food and Wine annual Festival, it maintains the foodie spirit all year round, with new bistros and restaurants popping up everywhere, bringing new flavors from all over the globe. Taste some of the finest Australian wines with day-long lunches and food trails, and enjoy every bite of their cuisine artistry.

If you have dinner at Attica, you’ll notice that the gourmet spirit outlasts the festival and the culinary scene of the city creates a permanent atmosphere of fine dining appreciation. Head out for a cup of fine-crafted coffee or treat yourself to some of the yummiest sushi you’ll ever have in some of the best local cafes and restaurants. Wherever your path takes you in Melbourne, there’s hardly a wrong step to make, because there’s a worthy food corner in every direction.

Canberra’s cuisine

A Guide To The Australian Food Scene For BeginnersAs Australia’s newest rising star in the world of culinary endeavors, Canberra is home to many young entrepreneurs who are enriching the city with a wave of daring new aromas. Brimming with enthusiasm and creative spirit, these hip new places are taking over the food scene in Australia, and for a good reason.

The title of the city’s hidden gem goes to the Bar Rochford, a newly established blend of exquisite wines and a versatile, constantly changing menu, so don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to revisit this unusual food nook in the course of the same week. Then again, many other places offer the epitome of luxurious meals and innovative combinations, such as spiced duck breast with caramelized endive, or their organic chicken breast with blueberries.

With rich festivals designed for true foodies, and up-and-coming restaurants right next door from traditional establishments, Australia is a lavish menu of divine, savory dishes. Wherever you find yourself on this full-flavoured continent, you’re likely just a stone’s throw away from an appetizing meal and a memorable dining experience.

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A Guide To The Australian Food Scene For Beginners


    1. I have never been to Australia before and never saw it as having its own ‘cuisine’ but I am happy to say that I was wrong. I really like the sound of the food and wine festival, I will have to do more research on that x

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    1. I have many relatives there in the land Down under. But never had a chance to visit. And I know if a visit one day I’ll need to see everything and go everywhere, cause it’s a dream land.

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    1. Great read about Australia’s food culture! We live in Australia for over 5 years and there is so much to discover in terms of food! Great read about Australias major city’s food scene

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    1. You have given so much information about the food culture of Australia. It will be very helpful foe those travelling there. The pictures are amazing.

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