9 Travel Beauty Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Planning a trip somewhere anytime soon? You never need an excuse to travel, see new places, and meet different people. But one question every girl or woman has in mind is how to speed up the morning routine when you’re not home. Being in a different city, country, or even continent requires some modifications in your routine, you can’t spend too much time getting ready in the morning. Efficiency and being practical are essential here. During your next trip, make sure you follow these nine useful beauty tips to speed up your morning routine and look picture-perfect throughout the day.

1) Bring a cleansing stick

The cleanser is an essential production in your skincare routine, and you shouldn’t ignore it just because you’re away. The role of cleanser is to eliminate all impurities and improve the absorption of all other products you apply next. To make your life easier, you should buy a cleansing stick (yes, there is such a thing). A vast majority of these products cleanse and exfoliate at the same time, so you basically hit two birds with one stone and finish with this part of morning routine faster.

2) Prep your skin with face mask

Face masks are accessible; you can buy a pack wherever you are and apply before bedtime. Not only will face mask soothe your skin after a long and exhausting day, but it will make it seem refreshed and nourished in the morning. In turn, you won’t need to “treat” it too much, and you’ll be good to go. This is particularly useful if you don’t plan to wear makeup the next day but still, want to look well-rested. If you’re not a face mask fan, never underestimate the power of top skin brighteners that you can buy in travel size for instant radiance and well-rested look.

3) Go easy with makeup

When traveling, particularly during a hot summer day, wearing too much makeup can only turn into a hassle. As you sweat, your makeup gets smudged then you have to fix it or reapply, you know the drill. To speed up your morning routine, you should apply foundation (if you want to) and concealer followed by a little bit of mascara and a lip product (lip balm, lip gloss, or a long-lasting lipstick) with a subtle color. That’s a perfect makeup look for daytime. Of course, if you plan to go out, you can always add eyeshadow and eyeliner later.

4) Use “multi-taskers”

One of the easiest ways to speed up your morning routine is to opt for multi-taskers or products that serve different purposes. Besides cleanser and exfoliator mentioned above, you can also use 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer and foundation, there are also products that offer 3in1 foundation, highlighter, and a concealer. It’s easy to find these products online and in drugstores. They are practical for packing because you don’t have to take multiple bottles or tubes and they also help you get ready faster.

9 Travel Beauty Tips to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

5) Play a 5-minute makeup challenge

Many beauty and makeup vloggers play this challenge on YouTube, and the goal is, you guessed it, to apply makeup in five minutes only. Well, you can get inspired by this idea and play your own game while getting ready in the morning during your trip. Not only it’s fun do it and try to complete the challenge successfully, but it will also help you get ready faster than you think. Here’s a little tip, while applying face cream and foundation and such don’t neglect neck and chest area.

This is the area that we usually ignore until we notice neck and chest wrinkles. So, when cleansing your skin and applying makeup and doing this challenge, feel free to apply some products on these areas as well. It’s needless to mention this is useful because it will make your face match with neck and chest, rather than make it seem like you’re wearing a mask.

6) Take a shower the night before

Morning shower takes up more time than any other part of your routine, but it doesn’t have to. Simply, take a shower the night before. That way, you’ll get to relax after a long day, and you’ll significantly speed up your morning routine after waking up. If you can’t possibly imagine starting your day without a shower, then don’t wash your hair.

7) Dry shampoo

As mentioned above, you don’t have to wash your hair in the morning when you’re away because it will take longer to get ready. However, if your hair is a mess, but you still don’t want to waste your time, then opt for a dry shampoo. In fact, dry shampoo should be a busy woman’s best friend regardless of whether she’s on a trip or not. Look for powdery sprays that also add volume to make it seem like you’ve just had a blowout.

8) Go red

Nothing compares to a red lipstick; it automatically makes your look ooze confidence, sensuality, and elegance. The thing here is that red lipstick can accomplish those same effects even when you don’t apply anything else. For those busy mornings when you need to leave your room as soon as possible, just apply a nourishing lotion or cream with anti-aging effects like Oveena, followed by a red lipstick, and you’ll be good to go.

9) Plan everything the night before

The worst enemy of every morning routine is not knowing what to do or apply. To avoid this problem, plan out your morning outfit, and makeup looks the night before. That way, when you wake up, you won’t have to spend too much time on making decisions.

When you’re traveling, being practical is vital. You don’t want to look a mess, but at the same time, you want to spend as much time outside as possible to have fun, visit different places, or even attend a meeting, depending on the purpose of your trip. Being wise about products you make and how you use them is a great way to speed things up. Also, never underestimate the power of thorough planning the night before.

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    1. These are really cool tips. I always shower the night before because I’d rather wake up late. I rarely wear makeup too – I don’t mind just wearing moisturizer and a lipstick when I go out especially during summer.

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    1. Such helpful tips for an on-the-go life. I much prefer showering at night and simplifying my makeup routine!

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