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There might not be quite as many golf courses in Fort Myers as there is in a place like Sarasota County, but you can’t go too far in Florida without finding a golf course. It’s one of the favorite pastimes of the sunshine state, and retirees and people of all ages are always enjoying golf vacations in Fort Myers and plenty of other cities within the state of Florida.

So if you’re visiting Fort Myers, check out some of the top golf courses located there!

Lee County is beautiful, and Fort Myers brings you much more than just gorgeous golf courses. There are great restaurants, attractions, and don’t forget the beach. You might even bring your putter out to the beach for a little uneven putting action adjacent to the surf. Now, when you are looking at the top golf courses, you don’t expect to be presented with a top rated miniature golf course. Yet, Castle Golf deserves a mention, especially if you’d want to go golfing with the kid, and it’s highly rated. 

Explore Florida's Golf Courses | Fort MyersOne of the best is Fort Myers Country Club, which of course is easy enough to remember. The Country Club in Fort Myers is said to be maintained well, which it would have to be in order to be ranked as one of the best. One great thing about Florida is the weather. It can get extremely hot and humid during the summer time for sure, but that type of climate makes for great year round golfing experiences.

Next up on the golfer’s wish list when visiting Fort Myers, Florida would be Del Tura Golf & Country Club. One really special feature this place offers is there is a pool for one, and then you have the pub or restaurant that is poolside as well. That sounds like a really nice environment to go along with a well-constructed golf course and a strong following.

Shell Point Golf Club is another popular course in Fort Myers. One of the reviewers mentions that Shell Point constructed a new clubhouse recently, and so that sounds nice. Verandah Golf Club is a favorite in the city, too, and this golf course is known for its food according to the reviews.

Explore Florida's Golf Courses | Fort Myers

It’s always nice when a golf course or country club is known for much more than just the course design. It’s not just about the game of golf but about the experience. A nice restaurant, pool, and any other things that golf courses can bring to the table get them noticed. That is why these golf courses have made the list for best courses in Fort Myers, Florida.

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