How to Gear Up For Your Spring Camping Trip?

As Spring is just around the corner, it’ll become exceptionally hard to find a reason to stay indoors. So, what happens if it’s time to start preparing for your future spring camping trip and you are not sure what provisions and camping equipment to bring? Whether you are planning on going on a hike, fishing with your friends or simply enjoying a wonderful camping trip by a lake, it is important to know some basic guidelines for having a great time and stay safe. Don’t worry we have prepared a couple essential tips just for you.

Make a checklist for your gear

Make an inventory of all the equipment that you already possess and everything you need to buy additionally. The next important step is to check whether all the items you possess are in a good shape, which means that you will have to check for tears in your tent and sleeping bags. Make sure that, if you plan to go rafting, your raft is fully functional. If you are wondering what some of the basic camping gear items are here is our list: Tents, sleeping bags, axes, flashlight, knife, sunscreen, lantern and some natural mosquito repellent.


In order to stay warm and dry in nature, you will need to bring certain clothing items with you. Because the weather can be unpredictable sometimes it’s important that you bring an umbrella with you. More importantly, bring a wet jacket and some rubber boots which can come in handy if you decide to go fishing with your friends. If you plan to stay near a lake where you can swim don’t forget to pack a towel and a swimsuit. Bring some glasses to protect your eyes from strong sunlight.

Making a barbeque

For cooking, you will need a propane tank and a propane stove. Make sure to bring a cooler for your drinks as well. If you’re planning a barbeque with your friends you will need to bring plates, utensils, pots and a grill. In order to light the fire make sure that you add a lighter or some waterproof matches to your regular gear. Additionally, you will need some firewood which you can chop up with an axe. If you and your friends feel optimistic and want to catch some fish, make sure to bring your fishing poles and some bait so that you can all enjoy your successful fishing undertaking with some barbequed fish.

How to Gear Up For Your Spring Camping Trip?


If you plan to go hiking on your camping trip, make sure to bring a backpack filled with necessary foods and drinks. Make sure that you have some hiking boots, and a pair of hiking socks as well. Since you won’t be near any easily accessible water source, make sure to bring enough water to sustain you throughout your entire journey. Some campers like to bring water filters so that they can drink the water straight out of the rivers or lakes. More experienced hikers would advise you to bring a compass and a multifunctional pocket knife. If you plan on hiking some mountains it is recommended to bring binoculars so that you can enjoy the great view from the summit.

How to Gear Up For Your Spring Camping Trip?Canoeing

A camping trip is incomplete without a strong adrenaline rush. Although this is considered a bit dangerous, if your crew feels up to the task, and you under safety supervision then all you need are some oars, life jackets and a canoe. And before you embark on this adventure, make sure to check your equipment for possible damage. You can never be too careful.

As you can see it doesn’t take much effort and money for one to have a great spring camping trip with your best buddies!

How to Gear Up For Your Spring Camping Trip?

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