Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway Destinations

Winter is the season of love and once February approaches, it’s time to start making plans about how and where to spend the most romantic day of the year. Yes, Valentine’s Day’s just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than on some perfect romantic getaway. From America to Europe and Australia, there’s an ideal place for you and your loved one on each continent. Here are some of the most romantic destinations for Valentine’s Day to get you inspired. 

Step back in time with Rhett and Scarlett

Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway DestinationsThis southern jewel will certainly fulfill your Valentine’s Day expectations. Located on the beautiful coast of South Carolina, Charleston seems a bit like frozen in time, with its scenic landscape, antebellum estates and unbeatable hospitality. Take romantic hand-in-hand walks down the Waterfront Park as you admire the amazing view of Charleston Harbour and Cooper River. Take in the atmosphere of Gone with the Wind while strolling down the Boone Hall, where certain scenes were filmed. Explore magnificent gardens at Middleton place and in the evening set up the mood in some dreamlike café under the lights of lanterns and with the sounds of smooth jazz.

Love on Darling Harbour

Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway DestinationsFamous for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque views of the harbor, Sydney is ideal for a romantic couple trying to escape the mundane chores of everyday life at least for one weekend. This gem of Australia annually attracts thousands of visitors across the country and worldwide. It’s the melting pot of all cultures and a place where you can have a good time no matter where you come from. Sydney offers plenty of opportunities for good fun, with its variety of cafés and restaurants suitable for every taste. If you choose this city for your Valentine’s Day destination, be sure to visit Blackbird café in Sydney, where you can enjoy fine dining and delicious cocktails along with the stunning view of Cockle Bay Wharf.

Fairytale in Bruges

Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway DestinationsExperience the charms of Flanders and soak in the romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day by visiting this delightful town in Belgium. Bruges preserved its medieval heritage, which can be seen in beautiful canals, old mansions, and little market squares. You and your loved one can explore the narrow streets or take a romantic boat ride down the canals. If you’re visiting Bruges, it’s best to stay overnight so that you wouldn’t miss the delights that come as the night falls, such as floodlighting. Another reason why Bruges is an ideal romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day is that it isn’t flooded with tourists in winter, so you can enjoy in your own winter wonderland while celebrating your love away from the crowds and rush.

Lovers’ road in Cotswolds

Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway Destinations

Copse Hill Road at Lower Slaughter in Cotswolds has been voted the most romantic street in Britain in 2011, according to more than 20,000 people. It’s not difficult to understand why. This romantic path has everything it takes to create the atmosphere of love for Valentine’s Day – idyllic scenery, breathtaking architecture and ensured privacy in many retreats for lovers. The entire area of Cotswolds gives away the rustic feel of the countryside, with dreamy villages like Upper and Lower Slaughter, and Bourton on the Water, which particularly stands out with its beautiful landscapes and rightfully owns the title of the Little Venice of the Cotswolds. Couples can drive to Broadway Tower to enjoy magnificent views of the Welsh mountains. This is a perfect romantic getaway for those who want to spend Valentine’s Day closer to nature.

There are plenty of romantic destinations to explore this Valentine’s Day. Take your pick and set out on a holiday of your dreams. 

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Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway Destinations


    1. I really don’t believe in Valentine’s day and I am a lucky man too because either my wife believe’s on that! 😀 anyway your list of places are wonderful and I love to get to Bruges, a friend of mine talked to me about this wonderful location!! Thanks for sharing, nice post 😀

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    1. If I would live a bit closer (than France) I would directly go to Darling Harbor to spend Valentine’s Day there! I absolutely love that place, but I’ve never been to Blackbird Café!

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    1. What pretty pictures! I don’t celebrate Valentines Day, but I would like to go to these places any time of year. Bruges always looks like a fairy tale and Charleston is full of Southern charm. I would be curious to try Bruges when there are fewer tourists because I have only been in the summer.

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