Top 10 Things You Need For A Winter Getaway

With the cold rolling in, it’s no surprise that many of us are turning away from home and heading off abroad for the winter. Embarking on a winter getaway is the ideal solution to escaping the winter cold and soaking up some much-needed sun-rays.

Here are ten must-have things you’ll need to pack on your winter holiday to any tropical destination.

1) Sunglasses

It might be hard to get hold of sunglasses at this time of year, but a good pair is a necessity to protect your eyes from the sun. Investing in a good pair from an optician is a good idea, but if you don’t want to splash out, many websites still have winter getaway sections where you can buy your necessities.

2) Swimwear

Dig out your old swimwear, or treat yourself and buy some new, get on trend with tankinis from Simply Be. You’ll need some when you’re chilling out on the sandy shore of the beach getting a tan, or sipping cocktails by the pool.

Top 10 Things You Need For A Winter Getaway

3) Beach bag

A good beach bag is a must have for carrying around holiday essentials such as sun-tan lotion, sunglasses, money, cameras and any other bits and pieces you pick up in the shops or on the markets.

4) An over-throw

Depending on where you’re going, there might still be a bit of a chill in some parts of the day; make sure you pack an over-throw of some sort, whether it be a wrap-around or a dress to keep you covered when necessary.

5) Evening wear

Wherever you’ll go, there’s likely to be parties in the run-up to New Year.  Make sure you’re prepared for any occasion with a couple of glamorous evening outfits.

Top 10 Things You Need For A Winter Getaway

6) Sun-tan lotion

Another one that might be a bit difficult to come by at this time of year, but is an essential. If you’re really struggling to get hold of some, there’ll be plenty available at the airport. Get the most out of your winter getaway by stocking up on some tanning oil (with decent SPF protection, of course).

7) Gorgeous new makeup

Every holiday deserves a new set of makeup, and you’ll definitely need some new make-up to match your new tan, and some new colors to make a break from your typical winter make-up. Going abroad is a great time to take advantage of the duty products on sale, too; you’ll get some amazing deals on new make-up, as well as on new perfumes and jewelry items.

8) A good book

Sitting by the pool or on the beach calls for a good book. Make sure you pack one in your suitcase or download one on your e-reader to while away those days by the sea.

9) A camera

Make sure to take plenty of pictures to make your friends jealous, and to give yourself something to look at when you’re back home huddled up in the cold. Nowadays, most phones have inbuilt cameras, but you still can’t beat a hand-held camera for picture clarity. If you’re going on a long-haul journey, an underwater camera is a necessity for taking snaps of your time snorkeling and diving.

10) Some Winter Woolies (and possibly an umbrella)

As sad as it is to think of now, at some point, you’re going to have to return home, and it’ll be cold. Avoid shivering by packing some much-needed winter woolies in readiness for your harsh bump back to reality.

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Top 10 Things You Need For A Winter Getaway



    1. Yes to a winter getaway .. we’re heading to Mexico next month and can’t wait. Will definitely be referring back to your post when writing my packing list. Thanks so much for your post!

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    1. Love visiting warm destinations in the winter time and leaving all my stuff behind here like warm jackets and boots so I can go enjoy the sunshine.

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    1. Winter holidays are something I love so much anytime, but your travel package is going to be so important to have the best of fun needed. Beach bag, Sunglasses & Camera are the important essentials that I carry anytime!

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    1. Wonderful travel tips! I definitely agree on the warmer clothes and even umbrella. Even tropical places can change weather drastically and its always good to prepare just in case.

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