5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting

A freshly brewed cup of Joe is what’s worth traveling around the world, don’t you think? Ahhh… nothing can beat the taste of a traditionally prepared cup that warms the heart and soul. Finding a good place takes time and patience, and you’ll have to go exploring a lot to put together a list that’s worthy. But – as it is case with all good things – it’ll pay off in the long run!

If you are a coffee junkie like we are, you love your coffee right where you can see it – in front of you, as often as possible. And, to all of you who are on the look for the best coffee place to visit – we’ve put together a list that will make your heart and palate sing.

Café Grumpy, New York City

5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting

When they come to the Big Apple, not many would think of Café Grumpy, especially not with that name! Regardless, you should go there immediately; otherwise, you’ll regret not having one of the best cups of coffee ever! Oh, and the macarons that they serve with your order of coffee are to die for. No joke.

The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen

5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting

Ever wondered what it’d be like to walk into a live Instagram account? Guess no more, because the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen has you covered. You’ll get to choose from a wide selection of freshly brewed coffees, World Barista Champions and an ambiance that’ll have you coming back for more. We fell in love with it, and it’s one of those loves that goes beyond time and space.

Kaffeine Bar, London

5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting

Do you want more than just a simple shot of coffee to help you wake up and give you the strength to go beyond exploring? Go to the coffee shop in London called Kaffeine, which is sure to give you a thrill for your buck. The set you get served there includes a shot of espresso, cappuccino, and a cold-brewed cascara refresher. Basically, your heart will start pumping faster, not only due to the exquisite taste of everything you’ve ordered but because of the service you get there. A word of warning, though – coffee can be addictive, so make sure you don’t drink too much or you’ll be coming back for another. And another. And another… And… anot… Wait, have we lost it?

Tomoca, Addis Ababa

5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting

If you ever get a chance to visit Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, you must simply go to Tomoca coffee. Mind you, you won’t only get coffee, oh no, you’ll become part of a ritual and you’ll finally open your mind to what coffee should taste like. Get ready to have your mind blown, because their brews are out of this world! Not that we’re too surprised, though – after all, they do get their beans straight from the best suppliers.

Single O, Surry Hills

5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting

Going through Sydney, make sure to stop by Single O, one of the greatest coffee shops in the world! Nope, we haven’t hyped it at all – everything in Single O is phenomenal! They pride in making a great blend which will have you awake in a matter of seconds. Their food is amazing as well and if you’re in a rush, grab a coffee to go with a simple sandwich. Hey, thank us later! But, if you have time, take it slow and enjoy a finely brewed cup of coffee that will make your soul quiver.

To each their own when it comes to various tastes, and when it comes to coffee, we can all agree that freshly brewed is the best. Finding a great coffee shop is a nearly impossible task because it’ll test your patience to the limits. However, finding that perfect cup filled with the heavenly nectars of gods makes it all worth it in the end.

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5 Coffee Shops Around the World Worth Visiting


    1. What a great post! It’s probably because I work from home .. but I can’t get enough of coffee shops and am always on the hunt for new ones. Admittedly .. I’m a little jealous. It would be fun to visit a lot of them & pick those I liked best.

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    1. I have a friend who is also a jetsetter and everytime she travel, she always visit one coffee shop that must be unique. Its her thing, and always make sure she brings a coffee bean with her to take home.

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