Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page” — Saint Augustine

Traveling is their passion. They envy you by their traveling tales and adventures. They spend the majority of their time on the roads away from home to bring the best travel stories for you to dream and add on your bucket list. They are wanderers, globetrotters, storytellers and travel addicts whom traveling gives the high adrenaline rush. They have checked-in to amazing destinations on the globe this year. And here these travelers have shared their favorite destinations from their 2016 traveled list.

So, sit tight, relax and enjoy these amazing destinations from various corners of the world!

1) The Dolomites, Italy

By Sima Sthanakiya from The Curious Pixie

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsFor the first time this year, we swapped the beach for the mountains this summer. We headed to the Italian Dolomites for a hiking holiday. Some called me crazy with two kids under the age of eight in tow. It was an amazing week filled with jaw-dropping vistas, action and Kaiserschmarren (every single day!). Proving a beach towel doesn’t have to come as standard for a family summer holiday.

2) Uloya, Norway

By Lavina Dsouza from A Capricious Compass 

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsWhen our ancestors said nature had magic they were right! My favorite location this year was Uloya, Norway. Not many visit Norway considering it is expensive but I wish they did! Lack of tourists, remote locations and some of nature’s best miracles are on display here! The Northern Lights had me laughing, crying and screaming out of joy on an island inhabited by about 80 people, about 3 hours away from Tromso. Norway was definitely the highlight for me this year and it was packed with activities!

3) Ilha de Boipeba, Bahia, Brazil

By Laura Restrepo Ortega from Laura Restrepo Ortega Documentalist

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsI spent the last year traveling through Brazil, from the border with Colombia in the Amazon down to the island of Boipeba, a tropical paradise about 50 miles south of Salvador de Bahia. Although I had to take a cab, a ferry, two buses, and a speed boat to get there, it was completely worth the trip. Three weeks weren’t nearly enough time because the more I explored, the more I fell in love with it. I’ll definitely be going back next year!

4) Zurich, Switzerland 

By Rashmi & Chalukya from Go Beyond Bounds

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsSwitzerland is teeming with breathtaking and surreal landscapes is travelers paradise. Snowcapped mountains, verdurous meadows with jingling cowbells, perpetual deep blue lakes, the picturesque landscape there is no dearth of wonderful places in Switzerland. We were based out of Geneva and had plan day trips every weekend which was invigorating and rejuvenating. We have visited a dozen of places and still the country never stops to mesmerize us. One can also choose Bern or Zurich as a base to explore the places. Most of the stunning landscapes are around Interlaken. There are many quaint villages which can be visited. Switzerland is great in terms of transportation and facilities for tourists.

5) Montreal, Canada

By Kacey Mya from The Drifter Collective

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
This past year has been full of amazing destinations, but by far my favorite has been the exploration of the Canadian city of Montreal in Quebec. It is full of all of the things that I love best – great art, food (I think I ate my weight in poutine), beer and most of all friendly people. On top of that, you can find just about all the maple goodies your heart can dream up. My favorite part about this city is that it has this eclectic and unique European-North American vibe going for it. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a European city without leaving the continent, and it literally has something to offer everyone. 

6) El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

By Hannah Lukaszewicz from GettingStamped

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
2016 was an amazing travel year, I visited so many places but El Nido Palawan in the Philippines had to be our favorite. My heart is at the beach and El Nido has some of the most amazing beaches. Every day I’d jump on a day trip to explore nearby islands and secret beaches. Some of my favorite beaches were only accessible during low tide as you had to swim through holes in the rocks to access them. 

7) Big Island, Hawaii, USA

By Jennifer from World On A Whim 

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
This past October, I spent a week on the Island of Hawaii  While this may not have been the most thrilling vacation that I have ever been on, it was incredibly peaceful and healing and one that I truly needed after a few tumultuous months.  As much as I love to constantly explore new places, sometimes what you truly need is the familiar, a place where you feel comfortable and nostalgic and that is exactly what Hawaii is for me.  This vacation felt like I hit the reset button, so I could go into the last couple months of 2016 refreshed and ready for life’s rollercoaster.  And, because how can be watching a gorgeous sunset every night not just make you incredibly happy.  

8) Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

By Liz Villaseñor from Lizzie Meets World

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsCesky Krumlov is a gorgeous fairytale town in the Czech Republic that has long been on my bucket list. I was finally able to go there this year, and despite fully expecting to fall in love with the place, nothing really prepared me for its beauty and magic. A walk around the historic old town transports you to a different place and time. The Baroque and Gothic-style structures are well-preserved and the twists and turns of the cobblestone streets lead to amazing views of the Vltava. It’s truly a magical place and I highly recommend at least a day trip to this town when you’re in Prague!

9) Battambang, Cambodia

By Brain Cicioni from I May Roam

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsCambodia did not enter my consciousness until I was in my early teen years. Although I was much too young to travel overseas, hearing Jello Biafra sing the opening line “so you’ve been to school for a year or two and you know you’ve seen it all” from Holiday in Cambodia conjured up images in my mind of a place where life was REALLY different. More than twenty years after first hearing about “where people are one” I finally had a chance to visit this mysterious place. If nothing else, Cambodia in 2016 is proof that no matter how bad things get, life goes on.

10) Everglades, Florida, USA

By Robin Draper from Authentic Florida

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsMy 2016 favorite trip was an adventure to the Everglades where I was transformed by its simplicity and beauty through a Big Cypress Swamp Walk; a magical kayak ride through mangrove tunnels; a birding and wildlife boat tour and a shelling trip to Shell Island, a desolate barrier isle southeast of Naples – with Everglades Area Tours. All of this was topped by sumptuous dinners of locally harvested Florida stone crab while staying in Everglades City, an outpost of the Paradise Coast (Naples, Marco Island and Everglades).

11) Dubai, UAE

By Sheri Leinfellner from A Busy Bees Life

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
My favorite destination for holiday is definitely Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I have been to Dubai on many occasions and it has never failed to disappoint. Dubai is my number one spot for holidays as there is nothing this city does not have to offer. Seriously, you think of it, wish it, dream it and it is all right there in Dubai. Here you can take advantage of the luxurious hotels and lifestyle, ultra-modern architecture, fast cars, VIP tours, helicopter and hot air balloon rides. Not to mention the wonderful desert safari day trips with delicious cuisine. Warm welcoming locals who will assist you with everything you need and ensure you return home having had an unforgettable experience.

12) Tel Aviv, Israel

By Rachel Jones from Hippie in Heels

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsI was so overwhelmed with how much I loved Israel, it’s hard to put it in words! If I had to limit it down to one city, I would say Tel Aviv which has become my favorite city in the world. The vibe is so laid-back. People walk out of work and straight onto the beach. Everyone seems to have a beer in their hand, and the nightlife is another level! There are so many day-trips you can take from Tel Aviv, as Israel is such a small country. In Tel Aviv the surf is great and it’s incredibly modern, and it’s also one of the most innovative cities in the world, making it perfect for a digital nomad.

13) Fjaerland, Norway 

By Geri Vladeva from When Woman Travels

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
My favorite destination for 2016 was Norway. I traveled solo with my backpack and can say that Norway is not only stunningly beautiful very safe too. I did a tour of the West Coast of Norway and saw some amazing places that were similar to each other but also very different. Some of my favorites were Stavanger, Trondheim and Bergen but the most amazing (almost magical) place was Fjaerland, a village sitting at the foot of the largest glacier in Europe.

14) Quebec City, Canada 

By Tracey Pictor from Journal of a City Girl

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
When you combine the charm and history of Europe, the romance and cuisine of France and Canadian friendliness you get the perfect city – Quebec City. With a skyline dominated by an enchanting castle looking hotel and cobbled streets filled with an air of magic and postcard perfection, it is a city that is unique and beautiful year round. We spent a long weekend in Quebec City in the middle of winter and even in the extreme sub-zero temperatures this historical city captured my heart.

15) Kotor, Montenegro

By Kate-Frankie Brennan from This Could Lead To Anywhere

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations
Kotor in Montenegro was my favorite place to visit in 2016. This medieval city is also a port set in the bay of Kotor, south along the coast from Croatia. The history, UNESCO world heritage site, great food and beauty of the region make it a perfect short break. Kotor comes alive at night too with live music and an alfresco restaurant scene. A friendly atmosphere and great local people.

16) Coron, Palawan, Philippines

By  Shandos Cleaver from Travelnuity

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsNot all destinations live up to the perfect shots that you see on Instagram, but my visit to Palawan in the Philippines (in particular Coron and El Nido) is that Instagram-perfection and then some. I’m a water baby at heart, so spending my days’ island hopping to a myriad of aqua-hued lagoons and white sandy beaches, jumping off boats and snorkeling above coral reefs, was sheer heaven.

17) Urubamba, Peru

By Bobbi Gould from 1FUNGRL TRAVELS

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsReflecting upon my favorite destination of 2016, I was transported back to the surreal landscape and indigenous people of Urubamba, Peru. I even saw a Peruvian parade on my way to stay at the infamous Skylodge Adventure Suites, where I was able to climb up a mountain, then sleep on the side of that same mountain 1,300 ft. in the sky. If it is culture and adventure you seek, look no further than Urubamba, Peru!

18) Avignon, France

By Penny Sadler from Adventures of a Carry-On

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations

I took a bucket list trip in 2016, a river cruise on the Rhone River in France. Every port town became my new favorite but if forced to choose just one I would have to say Avignon. Why? For the wonderful historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Winding lantern lit streets with colorful doorways and interesting architectural details around every corner, beckon you to wander for hours. And then there’s the Palais des Papes, or Palace of the Popes. This gothic masterpiece located along the Rhone River was the papal residence in the 13th century. Avignon is a treasure of a city I would like to spend more time exploring.

19) Houston, Texas, USA

By Amy West from Amy West Travel

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsMy favorite destination of 2016 has to be Houston, Texas. We visited this spring as a family and fell in love. We explored the Space Center, chowed down on Tex Mex, and got hands on at the Children’s Museum. The highlight for us was the chance to take in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. We watched the wild wonders of bucking broncos and bulls, and lived it up at one of the largest carnivals I’ve ever been to. So much fun!

20) Gangtok, India

By Ratisha Goyal from The Thinking Lounge

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsNestled in the majestic Himalayas is a small town Gangtok (Sikkim, India) that is an exquisite example of the pristine picturesque nature. The lofty Himalayas studded with tea leaves fills the world with an alluring aroma dissolving all your exhaustion as you explore her beauty in the lows and highs. The vibrant architecture especially the temples and monasteries resound the blending boundaries between nations. The place always makes me wonder the futility of national borders. Could anyone dictate nature his own rules?

21) Albany, Western Australia

Michela Fantinel from Rocky Travel

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsAlbany is one of the prettiest and most picturesque coastal towns that I have seen in many years of solo travels around Australia. Nestled between 5 national parks and several natural reserves Albany boasts spectacular attractions like the Bridge and The Gap to name a few. It’s a heaven for walking, hiking, and biking and outdoor lovers who can also join parts of the Bibbelmuntrack and the Mundi Bidda Trail. The imposing King George Sound with its many inlets and little islands forms the most scenic coastal harbor of Australia. Next to the many natural attractions Albany has also a rich historic heritage: It was Western Australia’s first European settlement. Moreover, its top-notch Anzac Centre is a very interesting place to visit, with state-of-the-art interactive multimedia displays about the IIWW, overlooking Princess Royal Harbour.

22) Manila, Philippines

By Rosi Corney from Rosi Escapes

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsThis year 2016 has been epic in regards to traveling to new destinations. I have to choose the Philippines. I visited Manila, Bohol and Cebu.  I was sold by the people, the culture, and the beauty of this country. Of course, there are over 70 islands to choose from but each has its unique style and things to do. After all, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

23) Mostar, Bosnia

By Sabrina Barbante from In My Suitcase

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations

I’ve been waiting to visit Bosnia for so long, and finally, I did it! Mostar was such a surprise. It’s a medieval town mixing up Islamic and Christian features, making the skyline full of mystery and beauty. The old town is developed climbing up around a river, whose sound is a constant companion during your visit, that will be colored with typical local lamps light, local food perfumes and green as far as the eyes can see.

24) Florida Keys, USA

My favorite destination this year!

Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite DestinationsThis year I’ve traveled to many beautiful places from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States. But my favorite destination is the Florida Keys— a string of tropical islands stretching about 120 miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico known for their laid-back vibe and as a perfect holiday destination for fishing, boating, water sports, beaches and a lot of sunshine. A 4-hour drive on Overseas Highway leading to US-1 awes you in its own right as an engineering marvel and it is among the classic American drives. No trip to the Florida Keys would be complete without visiting Key West— most adorable island city known for its pristine beaches, mystical underwater playgrounds of coral reefs, marine wildlife and breathtaking sunsets!

Do let us know your favorite destination that you have traveled in 2016? If not, which destination(s) would you like to put on your bucket list from the above destinations?
Happy Traveling!

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Throwback 2016: 24 Travel Bloggers & Their Favorite Destinations


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