What an incredible hotel to stay at, the views from …

Comment on Pelican Grand Beach Resort, FL: A Sunshine Getaway | Review by Alberto C..

What an incredible hotel to stay at, the views from the pool are stunning! I’d love to relax in there after enjoying the Sunday brunch 🙂
Thanks so much for the recommendation and the beautiful photos!

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This hotel looks like a dream stay! Great facilities, incredible views of the sea, great food to enjoy while relaxing at the beach! I’d love to spend a few days in there while visiting Florida!

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This sounds so interesting, such a different lifestyle! I actually had no idea that you could do a tour in an Amish town, definitely something to check out in my next visit to the US!

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This resort looks incredible, the views of the beach couldn’t get any better! Reading your description of the massage makes it sound incredible, I’d love to get a chocolate scrub!
I actually also stayed in a spa quite recently, but in Latvia, I bet that you had better weather in Florida! 🙂

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Wow I love this hotel! The interior looks so modern and luxurious, and the detail of the fruit with the note was very nice of them! I’d love to try one of those cocktails by the way, they look amazing 😀