How To Stay Fit While You Travel This Holiday Season?

As holidays are just around the corner, traveling, working out, and dieting at the same time seem like something even the most ambitious among us wouldn’t try. But if you want to stay in shape while on the road, staying on your regimen is of utmost importance. Studies show that just a few weeks of skipping training can significantly decrease muscle mass and lead to weight gain. Hotel and restaurant food can also contribute to this. Luckily, there are ways you can incorporate exercising and eating healthy even if you don’t have access to your local gym and homemade meals. To help you stay in shape here is an easy-to-follow guide for when you’re on the road.

Consider weight bearing

If you are staying at a hotel, you’ll probably have access to a gym. In other situations, you may not be able to practice resistance training while traveling and your best option at this time may be weight bearing exercises. They’re mostly recommended for those who need to build stronger bones, but studies show that weight-bearing strengthens the muscles as well. Consider doing push-ups or squats when you find the time. Running, jogging, and even climbing the stairs are convenient for those who are constantly on the go and what’s best – there’s no need for gym equipment.

How To Stay Fit While You Travel This Holiday Season?

Fresh and canned food

Maintaining your best diet plan while traveling during this holiday season is difficult. When you are on the road for long hours, it’s common practice to stop at a restaurant. But considering that studies show that foods served at restaurants are high in calories, saturated fat, and sodium, you may want to reconsider your options. Depending on how much time you’ll be spending away from home, we suggest eating as much fresh food such as fruits and vegetables and even canned tuna, corn, or beans. Canned food has been unfairly labeled as unhealthy for too long. But as one study was published in the journal Nutrients found, canned food consumption is associated with higher nutrient intake in US children and adults.

How To Stay Fit While You Travel This Holiday Season?

Look for a local gym

If you are staying at one particular place for a period of time, consider looking for local gyms in that area. You may not be motivated to work out during the first few days of arrival, so it’s best to give yourself some time to recover from the trip before going to a local gym. But once you feel ready to work out, you’ll get energized from going to the gym, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy the experience just as you did at home. Most gyms in bigger cities today cater to tourists, so there’s a big chance they will have a trainer who speaks English.

Exercises while you travel

Most traveling involves sitting for long hours, and this can lead to stiffness, achiness, and fatigue. Make sure to stretch your arms and legs now and then while you travel and focus on your upper body. Another suggestion is doing Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises have usually considered a type of exercises designed for women to help them strengthen the pelvic floor, but there is even Kegel exercise for men. These exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor and provide a host of other advantages such as better sexual functioning. Since you’ll be sitting for a long time, we see no reason why you shouldn’t try them out.

Drink plenty of fluids

Studies show that traveling by plane can easily lead to dehydration, and dehydration can make you feel really tired. To avoid jet lag, it’s best to keep a large water bottle near you and take a sip every 30 minutes. The same goes true for road trips. Traveling, in general, is a big shock to your system and dehydration can make you feel even more tired. But avoid drinking energy or carbonated drinks thinking that they’ll give you an energy boost. These drinks are too high in sugars and can lead to energy slumps after the initial high.

Get plenty of rest

Sleep is of crucial importance for normal metabolism that relies on the harmonious functioning of our internal body clock. Since traveling can wreak havoc on your body’s natural rhythm, especially if you’re traveling to different time zones, you run the risk of gaining weight. To prevent your metabolism from shutting down from poor sleep during travel, you can also try out weight loss supplements like Leptigen for additional support.

How To Stay Fit While You Travel This Holiday Season?If you spend a great amount of time traveling, you already know how difficult it can be to maintain an exercise and diet regimen. But staying fit while you’re on the road is possible. You just need to find some time to work out, make wise food choices, keep yourself hydrated, and get enough sleep and you are good to go. However, this is easier said than done. Make sure that you follow the guidelines given here and see if they can help you stay fit while you’re enjoying your trip.

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How To Stay Fit While You Travel This Holiday Season?


    1. These are great tips. When I travel, I often just think “oh but I’ll do so much walking, so I’ll be good.” But really, you still need to make healthy habits a priority.

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    1. Love this post, it is important to stay on track and it’s all about choices I try to maintain and 80/20 balance and make the right choices. That way I can have that glass of fizz or piece of cake over the holiday season and not feel bad about doing it.

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    1. Thanks for sharing these tips! It’s very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling but I believe that as long as it’s all in moderation, a few days’ break won’t hurt 🙂

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