My son and daughter in law are getting ready to …

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My son and daughter in law are getting ready to do a bit of traveling .. and I think I’ve found the perfect gifts! They’ll be comfy and cute .. all at the same time

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Chic Ideas For Customizing Your Style When You Travel
Such a great idea about scarves. Every couple of years I go to Isla Mujeres and when I’m there, buy sarongs. They can be worn as a skirt, shawl, or dress and means I only only have to pack the basics. x

My Favorite Ways to Accessorize This Fall While Traveling
Such a timely post, I’m traveling right now. Such a great tip about makeup! Earthy an neutral colors are perfect for fall and it’s one less thing to have to worry about when you’re in an unfamiliar place. x

New York City Look Book | My Gallery Of Street Fashion

Prefect timing, Ana. I was just cleaning out my closet and re-remember what clothes I have for fall. Love, love, love the embroidered dress, especially with your tennis shoes. It’s definitely my kind of look! x

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Charleston, SC | Things To Do In 24 Hours
My husband and I love Charleston! We were lucky enough to visit a year or so ago, and are already planning our next trip. One of our favorite things to do was stroll through Battery Park and be by the water. It was also fun to walk the cobblestone streets and wonder what it would be like to live in some of the old mansions. I’m so glad you mentioned the carriage rides. We took one and it was so incredible to hear all about the city’s history! | Personalize Your Mobile Cases
What a fun idea to add a favorite photo to your phone case! I couldn’t hep but smile, because the one you chose of yourself is a favorite from your Instagram feed. It’s so summery and carefree. I’ll have to look into having one made. It would be fun to have a photo of our dogs or my grandson to look at every day! x