WWT Collection: Perfect Gift For Travelers

If you’re stuck with some gift ideas as what to gift your traveler friends in life who spend the majority of their time on the road, you’ve come to the right place! You will get gazillions of ideas on the internet to gift something that will make their long waits at airplanes more endurable, flights more comfortable, memories more recordable, and overall experiences more enjoyable. But if you’re thinking to gift something unique, personal and more creative, WWT collection would be a nice choice!

WWT collection clothing line has been started by a fellow travel blogger friend Geri Vladeva who blogs at When Woman Travels. Her collection is inspired by her traveling tales and adventures on the road in past couple of years. She has transformed her traveling pictures and memories into her signature collection that represents her unique passion for colors and traditional culture. Her collection tells the stories from around the world. You can see the blend of vibrant colors, surreal landscapes and powerful travel quotes in her collection that she captured while satisfying her wanderlust. 

She gifted me a wonderful t-shirt from her collection and I’m truly in love with the powerful message written on it empowering all the solo female travelers. I wore the t-shirt in full swag and went to Universal Orlando, Florida. I’ve to admit that I grabbed many eyes and saw people reading the caption on my t-shirt. 

WWT Collection: Perfect Gift For TravelersThis t-shirt not only compliments my persona but it is the answer to all those endless questions that people usually asks me when they get to know that I travel solo most of the times. For all those who are always curious to know that why we are on the road most of the year and shoots with questions as when are we going to settle in life…get some life people!

WWT Collection: Perfect Gift For TravelersI loved Geri’s work of transforming her passion into something creative, bold and unique reflecting the image of modern solo female travelers. Her clothing line is truly dedicated to all the travelers who spend most of the time on the road away from their family and friends, face endless challenges on their journey but their desire to explore the world keep them moving.

WWT Collection: Perfect Gift For TravelersIf you know someone who inspires you by her/his traveling tales and adventures, live the life on their terms without bothering about the world, gift them something from WWT collection and see the million dollar smile on their face!

Happy gifting!

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    1. My son and daughter in law are getting ready to do a bit of traveling .. and I think I’ve found the perfect gifts! They’ll be comfy and cute .. all at the same time

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    1. The collection looks pretty cool. Anything that sends the message of powerful female traveler is something I’d need in my closet for the new year with all the traveling expeditions I’ll be doing.

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