8 Fashion & Beauty Tips For A Comfortable Winter Trip

Summer trips are fairly easy to plan – lightweight outfits, swimwear, a pair of sandals, and a whole lot of sunscreen to go underneath minimalistic makeup. Winter trips, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Winter clothing tends to be heavier and bulkier taking up a lot of space in your suitcase. Winter trips pose different problems for your skin as well. To make your trip this winter more carefree, follow these 8 fashion and beauty winter travel tips.

1) Travel in your heaviest winter coat

The type of coat you’ll be wearing, of course, depends on your destination. But to simplify things, just wear the longest warmest coat you have and leave the space in your suitcase for other essentials. Winter weather can be unpredictable, and it’s always good to play it safe to avoid freezing if the temperature drops below zero. In case the weather turns out to be warmer than expected, you can always unzip your coat.

8 Fashion & Beauty Tips For A Comfortable Winter Trip

2) Exfoliate before your trip

Winter weather can be harsh on the skin leading to dehydration, flaking, and erythema. Avoid exfoliating products during your trip as these can dry out your skin even further. Instead, exfoliate your skin before the trip using deep peels. Keep in mind that most over the counter exfoliants have a slight skin lightening effect, so it’s a good idea to wear broad spectrum sunscreen after exfoliation.

3) Color-coordinate your clothes

You don’t want to tow a heavy suitcase during your winter travel so make sure to carry as little clothing as possible. To make things easier, chose outfits in neutral or coordinated colors. In that way, whatever you carry with you will match, and you won’t be tempted to load your suitcase with unnecessary items.

8 Fashion & Beauty Tips For A Comfortable Winter Trip

4) Moisturize more than usual

Studies show that our skin tends to become drier during the winter months due to reduced sebum production and low skin hydration. Using quality moisturizers with nutrients and anti-aging ingredients like Skin Elements will prevent your skin from looking dull and tired. It would be a good idea to go makeup-less and reapply moisturizer during your trip. Of course, lip balm is another moisturizing essential if you want to avoid cracked lips. Another tip is to avoid licking your lips while you’re outdoors.

5) Choose your fabrics wisely

Wool is the perfect fabric for winter weather. Wool offers great insulation and it doesn’t absorb odor. Cashmere wool also has the additional benefit of being lightweight, so you’ll have less weight to carry around on your trip. Also, choose synthetic undergarments as these dry out quicker than cotton. This is especially important if you’re going skiing. Sweat and humidity can become trapped underneath your clothes, and this can make you feel cold, so make sure to use high-quality insulating fibers specifically designed for the winter months.

6) Avoid hot showers

As tempting as it can be to take a nice hot, warm bath after a day out in the cold, try to avoid this habit because it can wreak havoc on your skin. Jessica Krant, a board-certified dermatologist, states that hot water can deplete our skin of important nutrients. This can weaken the skin and even cause dryness and flaking. Instead, use lukewarm water and if you are bold enough, finish with a splash of cold water. Cold water will stimulate your heart and improve circulation which will not only make your feel refreshed, but you’ll also get glowing skin as a result.

7) Use SPF

Although you don’t feel the sun’s heat during the winter months, that doesn’t mean that the sun’s rays are now less damaging. Wearing a high SPF sunscreen during your winter travel is important to avoid developing facial wrinkles. The reason for this is that unlike UVB rays whose concentration decreases during winter, UVA rays are still in full force and UVA rays are most responsible for premature skin aging. So, make sure to wear broad spectrum SPF 30 and higher sunscreen on your trip.

8) Bring one pair of good leather boots

If you already haven’t, purchase some good quality Gore-Tex boots for your winter trip. There’s truly nothing worse than water leaking into low-quality boots. If you happen to find yourself in a snowy area and your shoes are leaking, then you run the risk of getting frostbite. For your nights out, you can always pack a fashionable pair of stiletto boots. Other than that, rely on your Gore-Tex booties to keep you out of trouble.

8 Fashion & Beauty Tips For A Comfortable Winter Trip

Although cold winter weather can be uncomfortable at times, it does not have to be if you’re well-prepared. Insulating fabrics, quality moisturizers, and wise choices can make a big difference as far as winter trips go. Make sure to follow the tips given here, and we’re sure your winter trip will be nothing short of fun.

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8 Fashion & Beauty Tips For A Comfortable Winter Trip


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