Best Destinations To Escape The Winter In North America

Fall is here — and that means that winter, cold and gray, will be here before you know it. Sure, there are great things about winter. But being warm and enjoying the sun aren’t among them. One of the best ways to get through the cold weather is to plan to escape it!

A week or two in a sunny tropical climate is not an impossible dream. Tropical vacations are very affordable. Even better, they’re very diverse. You can do nothing but lounge on a sandy beach if you want. You can add a margarita or two if you want.

But you can also hike, sight-see, kayak and more. Here are three of the best destinations that will get you out of the dark and cold and into the light.

Jamaica: Beaches and Mountains

Best Destinations To Escape The Winter In North America

One of Jamaica’s main attractions is the aptly named Seven-Mile Beach. It’s sunny and warm, and along the seven-mile expanse are a number of individual beaches, from the family-friendly Sunday beach to those next to elegant resorts.

Seven-Mile Beach is a perfect place to lay and sunbath if all you want to do is snooze and tan. You can also rent kayaks or sailboats to take in the crystalline waters more up close and personal.

And about those resorts: all have nice bars and active nightlife if that’s your winter break scene of choice.

For the more active, Jamaica offers several great hikes. The first is to the Blue Mountains, through Blue Mountain National Park. If you’re like most people, you know Jamaica’s Blue Mountains primarily for the coffee that grows there, and in fact, a coffee factory tour is possible along the way, at the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory.

The hikes are green and verdant. Hike only if you’re fairly seasoned. The altitude in the Blue Mountains exceeds 7,400 feet, and while it’s possible to hike all of the range, it takes roughly three days.

Bicycle tours through the park are also available.

Hawaii: Beaches and Volcanoes

Best Destinations To Escape The Winter In North America

Notice a theme among our tropical resorts? All of them have great beaches.

Many observers think that Hawaii’s Kapalua Beach is the most beautiful of them all. It’s the classic sun-washed half-moon shape, for one. It has postcard perfect palms dotting the beach. It’s also very protected from both strong currents and winds by promontories on either side. It’s large enough to be open to all visitors yet still provide privacy.

The scenic quality of Kapalua makes you realize why so many weddings and engagements take place in Hawaii. It couldn’t happen in a more beautiful place.

The other charms of Hawaii make you realize why so many honeymoons take place in Hawaii as well. If you want to swim, snorkel, body surf, or golf, try D.T. Fleming Beach Park. It’s quiet and secluded.

For a complete change of pace, jaunt to the Big Island of Hawaii and visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It’s completely safe; U.S. National Park rangers monitor the lava flow daily. What it is, is an unearthly gorgeous spectacle of hot orange lava running to the sea, steam arising from the sea, and lava formations in process in front of your eyes. At 330,000 acres and 150 miles worth of hiking trails, there’s plenty to see here.

The longest hiking trail in the park is Kilauea Iki, which extends for four miles through a beautiful rainforest. Combined with the beach and beach-related activities of Maui, the volcanoes and rainforest of the Big Island will show you all that Hawaii has to offer.

Mexico: Beaches and Beaches

Best Destinations To Escape The Winter In North America

The Pacific Coast of Mexico boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Some of the most stellar of these spectacular beaches are found in Cabo San Lucas, at the very end of the Baja California peninsula, which extends for 800 miles. The Pacific Ocean is to the west and the Sea of Cortez to the east.

The primary beach in Cabo San Lucas is Medano Beach, which starts at the harbor’s east side and runs along Cabo San Lucas Bay.

If you want to lie and perfect your tan, this is the beach to do it. If swimming is an irresistible activity, which it might be once you’ve soaked up all the sun you want, there is a dedicated area separate from kayaks, other boats and assorted watercraft.  

Kayaks and parasailing are available in a separate area. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the beach itself.

Another great beach, and very different from the bayside sweep of Medano, is Lover’s Beach. Lover’s Beach is known for its caves and rock formations. It is also a place of clear water and warm, soft sand, though. Lover’s Beach is great for snorkeling, water sports, or simply relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Already winter looks better, doesn’t it? Great getaways like these three will help you anticipate the cold…because they won’t be far behind!

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Best Destinations To Escape The Winter In North America


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