The Westin Peachtree Plaza: Atlanta’s Most Iconic Hotel | Review

The Westin Peachtree Plaza is an Atlanta skyline icon. As soon as you’ll enter the downtown Atlanta, an iconic round, glass hotel will rise and confirms your arrival in the big city. The first glance of Westin Peachtree Plaza reminded me of the ‘Freedom Tower’ located in Manhattan, NYC. However, there is a huge contrast between the both skyscrapers. Freedom Tower is a rectangular glass structure with 104 standard floors high, boasting as the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere whereas Westin Peachtree Plaza has a round glass structure with 73 standard floors high, boasting as the second-tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. I stayed there for 2 nights during my Atlanta trip last month.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street and in walking distance with all the world famous attractions of Atlanta, Westin Peachtree Plaza is considered as one of the best luxury hotels and city’s most famous architectural landmarks. And with resplendent views of the city’s sparkling skyline, it’s easy to see why!

The Entrance

Walking into the grand lobby of Westin Peachtree Plaza is a true feast for the eyes, revealing Atlanta’s charm in all its glittering glory and providing the perfect backdrop against the contemporary neutral finishings that ran throughout. My check-in was smooth and the receptionist was hospitable. As soon as she told me that my room was at 37th floor, I was on cloud nine. I was super excited to see my room and explore what Westin Peachtree Plaza had to offer!

Westin Peachtree Plaza: Atlanta's Most Iconic Hotel | Review

The Room

As soon as I entered my room, I was ecstatic to see the breathtaking view of Atlanta Skylines from the floor-to-ceiling window, energizing it with natural light. There was a cozy comfy bed with a surfeit of fluffy pillows from where you’ll see the clouds and sky, feeling as if you’re in heaven. The room was spacious with all the basic modern amenities to make your stay comfortable. There was a complimentary WiFi and it’s signal was phenomenal inside the room. The hotel also features 1,073 guestrooms and suites for experiencing an ultimate luxury.

Westin Peachtree Plaza: Atlanta's Most Iconic Hotel | Review

The restroom was clean and had walk-in showers as well as vanity top with all the toiletries essentials. However, there was no bathtub available in my room.

Westin Peachtree Plaza: Atlanta's Most Iconic Hotel | Review

Million Dollar View

The best part about my stay in Westin Peachtree Plaza was a million dollar view, giving you the true feeling of staying in the 5-star luxurious hotel. It was breathtaking. Let the below picture speak itself!

Westin Peachtree Plaza: Atlanta's Most Iconic Hotel | Review

Other Amenities

The Westin Peachtree Plaza is also the home of world’s famous The Sun Dial Restaurant Bar and View rotating restaurants, going a full 360 degrees every hour. Situated on the 71st floor of the hotel, this iconic restaurant serves up lunch favorites like lobster grilled cheese and unforgettable dinners that feature a breathtaking Atlanta sunset as your backdrop. You can also explore cocktail lounge which is two floors above The Sun Dial Restaurant. You can even take an exciting scenic ride up to the top on one of the exterior elevators and use the telescopes and touch screens to zoom in on some of the city’s historic landmarks. Unfortunately, the restaurant and view were closed during my stay and I couldn’t visit it. The hotel also offers fitness studio, spa, and elevated swimming pool. However, I didn’t get time to explore these amenities as I was too busy exploring the other world famous attractions of Atlanta.

Westin Peachtree Plaza: Atlanta's Most Iconic Hotel | Review

The Verdict

The Westin Peachtree Plaza is among the list of those few luxe hotels who knows how to provide an ultimate luxury, hospitality, and service to their customers. The hotel is quite expensive but the splendid view of Atlanta skyline from your room and in the vicinity of the world-famous downtown attractions makes it totally worth it! I would definitely stay here again if I ever visit Atlanta.

Perfect for: Business travels or conferences, family vacation for leisure, wedding destination and a luxury base for exploring Atlanta’s downtown as it’s in the close vicinity of the airport as well as other local attractions.


    1. The Westin Peachtree plaza in Atlanta is perfect, just the view would be good enough for me! I like that there is a fitness area, for when I need to exercise after exploring the city and eating too much. The room looks remarkable.

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    1. This looks like a great hotel, and somewhere I would stay at if I were visiting Atlanta. I love the view from the room and I think I could enjoy it here after a day or sightseeing.

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    1. I visited Atlanta for business reason but I never stayed at Westin I usually stay at Hilton but thank you for this information will check in westin next I’m there for business reason

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    1. I lived in Atlanta for three years and never visited the Westin. I’m glad that you did and open my eyes to this gem. It’s such a staple in the Atlanta skyline.

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