This piece has inspired me to travel to San Diego! …

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This piece has inspired me to travel to San Diego! I have heard so much about the zoo and would just love seeing all the animals. The Sea World also would be of interest. It looks like such a beautiful city!

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Very cool tips! I never would think to put deodorant on my face! Very innovative. I love the idea of the water mist.

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These hotels look like the epitome of elegance and luxury! I particularly love the Orlando hotels. You can stay at such beautiful resort hotels and go to Disney at the same time 🙂 win win!

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I love everything about the jewellery you showcased. The pearls in particular caught my eye as I truly love pearls and that multi-strand was gorgeous on that model. The vintage pieces also really captured me as that totally fits my travel style. The rings were also gorgeous of various cuts and sizes.

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Thanks for this great list. I am always looking for antioxidants to keep my health up. I have used Vitamins in the past, but will try your additional suggestions. Thanks!

Top 16 Things To Do In Chicago, Illinois
I have been to Chicago, but do want to go back! I have a few cousins living there. I particularly would love to see Wrigley Field. As a huge baseball fan, this would be truly amazing.