Shawn Mendes Concert at Universal Mardi Gras 2016

The long awaited evening of the Universal Mardi Gras 2016 concert series, during the first weekend of spring-break couldn’t have been better that the performance of the teen viral sensation turned superstar — Shawn Mendes. With the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way and never ending queues at Universal, you could guess that Shawn Mendes was in the city.

I saw Shawn Mendes earlier also during Taylor Swift 1989 world tour concert on last Halloween at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida. Shawn was the first performer at Taylor’s concert and believe me, it was his electrifying performance! Therefore I was waiting for his concert at Universal since Mardi Gras started this year.

We reached Universal Studios around 4:00 PM. As soon as we entered, we saw Shawn Mendes merchandise shop at the entrance. Lots of teens, kids and adults were wearing his t-shirts. I also wanted to buy one but gave up my plan as was not in a mood to stand for more than an hour in the queue. We headed straight to Universal Music Plaza where the concert was about to begin. By that time, half of the place near the stage was already occupied. We took our place and stood there for almost 4:30 hours but it was totally worth it for all his crazy fans!


The concert was about to start at 8:30 PM. It looked like festivity all around. Thousands of fans were waiting for their favorite singer. At 8:10 PM, the concert area was fully occupied and we could see the information displayed on the huge screen. The show was a house-full. This was the power of Shawn Mendes!

The moment had finally come when Shawn Mendes was about to hit the stage. There was a short video clip showing Mendes growing up as a singer and his entry to Universal Studios where his crazy fans screaming at the top of their voices. Then Shawn shared his experience about his childhood that he was more interested in collecting the artists album covers rather than listening their songs. And when Shawn Mendes appeared on the stage, the first things he said was- “My name is Shawn Mendes!” and whole crowd started screaming, cheering and applauding. I had also seen few teen gals wiping their tears and screaming his name. I could see the huge fan following of Shawn Mendes among teens, kids and even adults. The enormous stage was rumbling with the sound of a single guitar as Mendes started his performance. Do checkout the glimpse of his magical performance?

He serenaded the audiences thoroughly performing professional 90-minute on stage. But as noisy audiences go, would you believe it was somewhat sedate? Most of his songs were sing-along. His powerful voice with guitar strumming sounded breathtaking! Shawn Mendes sung few of his hit numbers including ‘Never be alone’, ‘Stiches’, ‘Life of the Party’, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ with his powerful voice. He also sung his recent song ‘Three Empty Words’ which was awesome. The concert ended with Shawn taking a selfie with the audience.

Overall the entire concert was a great experience! I would recommend that if you ever get a chance to visit Shawn Mendes concert, don’t miss it because you will have an amazing experience of lifetime. I definitely hope to see him in a concert soon!


    1. Sounds (and looks) like you had a blast! I also have never heard of him, will check him out : ) By the way, I love the way you showed the last sets of photos, as if it’s a movie but more like a show of a bunch of photos in fast speed, that’s so neat, how did you do that?
      Lily @

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      1. Thanks Lily for stopping by am so glad that you liked this post. Regarding GIF photo, all credit goes to my smartphone! 🙂

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