Meet Celebrity Esha Tewari: A Journey from Corporate World to Glamour Industry

She was crowned second runner up in Ms. India 2013.  She was also among the top five finalists and awarded as Mrs. Beautiful Hair in Mrs. India Worldwide 2012She is multi-talented artist as well as model, actress, director and singer staying in New York city.
She is bold, fearless and an Indian girl who quit her white collar job in one of the leading multi-national company to follow her dreams. She wanted to move beyond her cubicle desk and expand her horizon. She wanted to travel the world and that’s why she relocated to New York city from India to experience life.
Meet Esha Tewari, who is an inspiration to millions of gals in the world to touch the sky and live their passion each day.
I met Esha through one of our common friend and got to know her. She has a vibrant and dynamic personality. She is very humble, soft spoken and fun-loving person who will make you believe that she is the gal at the next door.
Here is an interview of her with Ana’s World which will give you a glimpse of her life and how she achieved success and her upcoming future projects.
Esha TiwariQ – Tell us something about yourself?
A – I am an actor, director, Indian classically trained singer, model and Learning & Development specialist.
Esha Tiwari
Q – Tell us about your education? What languages do you speak?
A – I am a MBA in Human Resources. I speak English, Hindi and Kumauni.
Q – Have you attended fashion modeling courses? What courses have you taken?
A – No, I had never thought of modeling in my life.  I came across a beauty pageant & very casually applied for that. I didn’t know that I will win the titles.
Esha TiwariQ – What’s your background in modeling? When and why did you get started? Was it for the glamour or passion?
A – One of my friend, she is a fashion designer- asked me to be her show stopper in her assignment show at college. I refused her by saying that I don’t know ABC of modeling & it’s not my cup of tea. I even asked her, what made her think that I can be her show stopper? I have no background, nor I have ever thought of modeling? I was scared that she’ll loose because of me. But I still don’t know why she was so confident about me. She said, “I don’t care if you don’t have any background, I will provide you training. But I want you to be my show stopper. You have the look, charm and beauty…what I exactly want as per my theme.”  And that was my first show as a model. After doing that show, I realized that I liked it. I enjoyed being on stage and that made me think about it. And when I came across few modeling shows, I applied there and got selected. I was lucky to win few titles as well.
Esha TiwariQ – Share your memories about winning the crowns?
A – As I never had plans about modeling in my life nor I had thought of winning a beauty pageant, it was just unbelievable for me. There are few moments in your life that you always cherish, these are those memories.
Q – What other modeling projects have you done?
A – I was lucky that I got some wonderful modeling projects that I did in Delhi, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Noida, etc with amazing people from the industry.  Projects like modeling shows, print shoots, commercials, etc.
Esha TiwariQ – Share your journey about moving to United States from India?
A – I relocated to New York from India in June 2014. When I came to US, I had no idea what I will be doing. But I am a person who always believes in “Follow Your Heart” philosophy.
"I always follow my heart because it always helps me to decide the right  thing!" - Esha Tiwari
So far I am enjoying in US. I did few off Broadway shows in New York, and  I am in love with theater. ❤️ Apart from theater, I am also doing singing events & shows in US.
Esha TiwariQ – Apart from modeling, what are the other projects you are currently working upon?
A – Currently I am working with theater groups in New York & New Jersey and have theater projects planned for the year in different cities of US. I am also in conversation regarding a television show, but that is not finalized as yet. So I will not be able to share details.
Esha Tiwari
 Q – What are your goals as an artist? How do you see yourself progress in this field?
A –  Honestly, I am not a person who plans a lot in life. I believe in following my heart. As an artist, I just want to improve myself- whether it’s modeling , acting or singing…If I am able to deliver a better performance every day than my previous one, I will achieve my goal.
Esha TiwariQ – What is fun and rewarding about modeling?
 A – To see the result that you get after photo shoot… your lovely pictures! 🙂 
Q – What do you dislike about modeling?
A – Nothing. I love it!
Q – How has modeling changed other aspects of your life?
A – It has definitely broadened my horizon. I have started believing in trying new thing in life….!
Esha TiwariQ – How do you prepare for a modeling shoot?
 A – I try to understand the shoot theme well in advance so that I can do some research and prepare accordingly.
Esha Tiwari
 Q – How would you describe working with the photographer?
A – Working with experienced photographers is amazing fun & learning. It’s really important that your photographer is your friend, and only then you will be able to deliver your best on camera. Fun is a major part in a shoot….if you are not enjoying, you can’t deliver the result.
 Q – What distinguishes a good photograph from a bad one?
A – The attitude. Your attitude defines your photograph.
Esha TiwariQ – What does fashion mean to you?
 A – I think Fashion is really important to make your life interesting. It enhances your personality & attitude which is really important for any success. 
Q – What are some things you dislike/hate about the fashion industry?
 A – Fashion industry is a show business but sometimes in all the glamour & glitter, people forget about reality of life. I like to be grounded.
Q – How would you describe your style? Consider anything and everything from color to historical eras and more.
A – I think my style is very causal in a day to day life. I like to wear denim ? / short cute shirts / frocks ? etc. But at the same time my style is classic when I am going in any function. I like classic looks; I like to wear the most lovely, delicate, classy dress from my wardrobe. With nice soft jewelry and heals. 
Colors: I like black, white, red, blue, pink….? I like most of the colors….I like printed fashion clothes as well.
Q – What’s your favorite outfit from your own closet?
A – I love denims ……Other than that, I really like pencil cut dresses & cute frocks. I have many of them in my closet.
Q – What is your Fashion statement?
A – My fashion statement is my smile I believe. 🙂
Esha TiwariQ – Out of all of the photos the photographer took of you, which is your favorite and why?
A – I guess the one with my trophy… that was my 1st pageant memory.
Q – Do you have any other experience in the fashion industry (writing, photography, marketing, etc.)?
A- No, not as of now. But I am trying to be a writer. I recently have got a DSLR, so you never know  ….photography can be next 🙂
Q – Are you married? Share story about how did you meet your soul mate? How supportive is he regarding your career? 
A – Yes, I am married. It’s an interesting story: I know my husband from childhood but it was an arrange marriage. We know each other from our childhood but we never knew that we will get married.  He is my friend and supports me in everything that I do. He believes in me & my talent, which gives me even more confidence to go for what I decide for myself.
Q – How do you maintain work life balance in your life?
A – Everything is manageable when you have an understanding family / partner and if you love what you do.
Esha TiwariQ – What is your nutrition? How often do you go to the gym? Do you practice constantly?
A – I love eating…so I don’t believe in dieting. But yes, I exercise to keep myself active and fit. I am trying to learn yoga these days.
Q – Which is your favorite food?
A – Indian food is my favorite. I love Rajma chawal (Beans & Rice) a lot.
Q – Which is your favorite color?
A – I love all colors & like to wear all colors. But black, white, blue, yellow & pink are my weakness when it comes to dress selection.
Q – Which is your favorite place for vacation?
A –  I want to go Switzerland….it’s my dream destination & I may plan to go this year.
Q – What are the beauty products which you use for your skin and hair?
 A – Every skin is different and therefore I believe that we all should use the products accordingly. I always choose my beauty products as per my skin and specialist recommendations.
Q –  What advice do you have for other aspiring models?
A – Just follow your heart and you will get your direction. Believe in yourself, and everything will happen automatically. Always carry your smile & attitude as that’s the biggest style statement. I believe in life, universe & God….& it’s always interesting to see what life offers you. Just believe in yourself 🙂
Esha Tiwari
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Ana’s World wishes Esha all the success in her life and future endeavors!

P.S.- This post also got published in Huff Post, US. You can find it here.

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