High on Taylor Swift Fever…!

Whoa ! It has been more than 24 hours and am still high with Taylor fever. It was my first Halloween in the United States and am so glad that I chose Taylor Swift over trick-or-treating and attended her last 1989 World Tour concert in North America. Taylor’s concert was blockbuster with her world class performance and more than 55,000 audiences witnessed the dazzling larger than life performance at Raymond’s James Stadium, Tampa, Florida.

We reached at around 5:00 PM and waited for Swift to go on, there were videos, music, trivia and more playing on the screens to keep everyone entertained. There were even videos from Tumblr that Taylor had reblogged, along with covers of her songs. 


The concert started at the scheduled time, sharp 7:00 PM with Shawn Mendes with guitar on stage . He played some of his outstanding numbers such as Never Be Alone, Stitches, Thinking Out Loud and Life of the Party. 

Shawn Mendes

Shawn played for almost half an hour with his electrifying performance.


Then came Vance Joy who played for almost 40 minutes. The crowd was electric during his “Riptide” song. 

Then the final wait was over and came the moment for which more than 55,000 people were eagerly waiting. Yes, it was Taylor Swift on stage singing ‘Welcome To New York’. She hit the stage at 8:30 PM. The energy out there was electrifying. Everyone was given a wristband that lit up and blinked depending on what song she was playing. Some times it blinked like crazy—like during the opening number “Welcome To New York”, and other times is only glowed in certain colors—like when she performed “Wonderland” and it only flashed blue during the “eh, eh, eh” parts of the song. It’s amazing to look all around an arena or stadium and see that many lights, all glowing and flashing. It unified us as one body.


These bands were Taylor’s gift to everyone. 

The whole night was a two-hour pop-blitz spectacle, with few of her songs reminding her early days. Her playlist included ‘Welcome To New York’,  ‘Blank Space ‘,  ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, ‘I Wish You Would ‘,  ‘How You Get the Girl’, ‘All You Had to Do Was Stay’,  ‘Wonderland or You Are in Love’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Bad Blood’,  ‘Enchanted/Wildest Dreams’,  ‘Out of the Woods’,  ‘Shake It Off’ to name a few.

Along with the songs, there were synth-disco raves, acoustic ballads, explosions, video interviews with her cats, sparkle-intensive costume changes and some of the life lessons-

“You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you!”- Taylor Swift

TS3Taylor Swift also performed with 19 year old Canadian singer Alessia Cara. It was a sensational performance.


The biggest Taylor’s Halloween surprise was when she came on stage, dressed as Olaf from Frozen for a duet with Idina Menzel on “Let It Go.” Menzel, for her part, was costumed as her character Queen Elsa.

TS2By witnessing the most spectacular performance of the night, any Disney fan’s wildest dream came true. Such was the magic of Taylor, who waved her hand and transformed Tampa into kingdom of Arendelle.


The show ended with “Shake it Off”, with fireworks, confetti and dancing boys in purple Angus Young schoolboy outfits.The ambiance was spectacular and colossal. Taylor gave the best treat to all her audience and made it the lifetime memorable experience, at least for us. 🙂


Do share me about your last concert moments or the one that you will be going to attend soon in the comments below.



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      During the week I had been wondering how the concert went. Sounds like she puts a lot of work into keeping her audience entertained. And I am always impressed when a Super Star keeps to the allocated times. But the way you described the experience, if I were to get an opportunity to go and see Taylor Swift live I would jump at because of this post. Thanks.


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